Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Michael Featured in November British GQ

British GQ will not shame itself for the year 2016 by not featuring Michael Fassbender on one its covers this year. Better late than nevah! Thankfully, in relation to the release of The Light Between Oceans in the UK this week, British GQ's November issue goes on sale on the 7th with an interview with Michael.

As timing would have it, the US election is next week (I mailed in my absentee Michigan voting ballot and I of course voted for Hillary Clinton), and Michael perfectly sums up the primary hot embarrassing mess about one presidential candidate.

“I think people are angry and that’s why Trump got such a huge following. They feel disenfranchised and this is their way to strike back. But is he the answer they are looking for? Feels to me like he’s someone who got us into this mess in the first place, with the bankers and so on – he’s just part of the problem.”

I love how Michael doesn't hold back on his opinions, and I couldn't agree more.

Read a portion of the article here, and buy the magazine if you can - it will be available in most major US cities in a few weeks.


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