Monday, November 14, 2016

Michael Monday 22

Only a few things made me smile in the past several days, so this week's Michael Monday photo has the perfect amount of background darkness and gloom, but with a slight cautious smile. I'm exhausted from my exasperation but life goes on. I have been amazed by how some Michael fans are completely unfazed with world events and continue to stalk his every move. It's like they don't read the news and know what's going on in the world that affects their life, but dammit, they notice from a sneaky fan camera phone picture that there's two beverage glasses on a table that Michael is sitting alone at that particular moment. Apparently Michael is in Mexico, for whatever reason, and people are giving eye witnesses the Spanish inquisition about who he's with, why he's there, what he's eating, etc., I'm so damn glad I have a life where I'm too busy with a multitude of other pressing concerns than to know every move Michael makes. It just gets to a point where when you know too much about him, it's just gross and it's not cool. Yes, there's no doubt at all that I'm a major fan of Michael Fassbender, but he has his life away from the camera, I have my life, and there's a lot of more important stuff going on in the world than to masturbate over two glasses on a table at a restaurant that Michael was sitting at while being stalked by some stupid sneaky fan.

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