Monday, November 28, 2016

Michael Monday 24 (Edited)

This photo of Michael was taken in October 2008 in Northern Ireland, a month after the first time I met him. And I've been a fan ever since. I'm excited for the new fans who will discover Michael, or really take notice of him when Assassin's Creed open in a few weeks.  In the month that I have been in Los Angeles, I have seen the remaining evidence of red carpet premieres at theaters in the area, and I hope my work schedule permits me to see what will happen around town for an Assassin's Creed premiere. I'm well aware that an AC premiere may not ever occur here, but instead be focused in other cities like New York or London, so only time will tell. But I'll do my best to be on top of things to provide coverage of any Fassy premieres in Los Angeles. If you have any tips or info, please email me.

Update: Michael and his Assassin's Creed co-star, Marion Cotillard are in Sydney promoting the film. Review new pics and videos at FF@FB!

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