Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Michael Fassbender in Time Out London

Scan from bulletproofisobel @Twitter
Michael is featured in the final issue of Time Out London as of today, and it's a pretty good interview. Michael admits that he's been working double overtime with making so many films in the past 5 years that he's up for a big break from acting soon. With his producing responsibilities, he now has that for focus on. The challenges of promoting films, and being a part of Oscar campaigning can talk its toll on a normal person.

Although the interview can be found at this link at Time Out London, I still want this magazine in my greedy Fassinating hands. Can you help me? Anyone reading this in London, please reach out to me and I will be happy to paypal you the money for the magazine and shipping. UPDATE: Time Out London at Twitter is sending me a couple of copies of the magazine. My twitter begging worked, they are fantastic and supportive of my Fassinating needs! Whoo hooo!!

Meanwhile, here is a what Michael said about winding down his thespian lifestyle. He certainly has given it his EVERYTHING.

I’m definitely going to take some time off acting now. I’ve given it everything up to this point.’


ButMadNNW said...

I've been (mildly) concerned for some time that he was going to burn out and we'd lose him altogether (one way or another). Obviously he needs to take care of himself and knows best what he needs, but I hope he doesn't completely disappear - or, at least, not for long. He could back off to doing one film a year and still be more active than most. ;) At the very least, he should have some more acting work to do in the Assassin's Creed world. :-D

Simone said...

I share your concern as well. He has been working triple over time for the past several years. I think Steve Jobs took a lot out of him, and the subsequent promotions for Light/Oceans and pulling double duty for Assassin's Creed. He's been flying all over the world and that can take a mental and physical toll on anyone. I hope he takes his break and have the time to reflect on what he wants to do with his career, and expand into other creative outlets. I love and admire him enough to be fine with him taking time off, just as long as he comes back refreshed and stronger than ever to continue to give us great entertainment in the form of an actor, or as a producer and maybe director one day.

ButMadNNW said...

Yes, absolutely, "refreshed and stronger than ever"! :) You've been following him more consistently for longer than I, but I don't think he'd be happy giving up acting altogether. He may start focusing more on DMC Film, but I can't imagine him ever giving up on being onscreen, too.

(BTW, last night at AC, at the very end of the credits, was the first time I saw the DMC logo - is that meant to be Kokopelli, do you know?)