Friday, December 2, 2016

TGIF 12.2.16

I don't know what city is the next stop for the Assassin's Creed promotional tour, but Michael looked really great in Berlin. He looks like a philosophy college professor taking his class on a field trip. Very clean cut and fresh looking. More Assassin's Creed posters are popping up around LA, and some are featured at bus stops. I thought of vandalizing one to steal the poster, but I don't want to get arrested in my new hometown.

It's December now, this year flew by fast and it's going to be fun doing my year end review. Michael had a fantastic year, and although he's not in the Oscar race this year, that's ok because he and I need a break from that crazy circus. This year's front runners have already been given the stamp of approval from the prognosticators before all performances have been seen. It's all a mad marketing game that's so unfair and frustrating. But I still entered into a contest to go to the Oscars, so, we'll see.

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