Friday, December 23, 2016

TGIF 12.23.16

It's Christmas weekend and this gives you plenty of time to see Michael's latest film, Assassin's Creed! As per my review, I really enjoyed it and want to see it again. I was talking to one of my co-workers today about the film and he told me that he was surprised that a really good actor like Michael Fassbender would do something silly like Assassin's Creed. He doesn't know I'm an undercover Fassinator, so I told him that I think actors like Michael like to diversify in their craft and take on roles that are really different and fun. I also told him that I "read" that he's producing the movie too and "according to interviews" he's just really interested in the science fiction of memories of our ancestors in our DNA. And I also "read somewhere else" that although he's not a gamer, he was really impressed with the Assassin's Creed game and wanted to bring it to the screen.

So basically, I failed at pretending not to be a huge Michael Fassbender fan. So I switched gears a little bit and told my co-worker that although I don't play video games, my favorite type of films for pure, unadulterated escapism, are indeed, video game adaptations because they are usually set in bizarre worlds and really take you into fantasy plots that are either dystopian in nature or a really weird science where you have to suspend disbelief in order to lose yourself into the storytelling. Video game adaptations don't require Oscar nominated/winning caliber talent, and that is what's so different and intriguing about Assassin's Creed; it attracted all these excellent actors and it really is an engrossing and entertaining film.

So, I don't know if I convinced him to see it, but if  he's one to give credence to critics, that may scare him off from seeing Assassin's Creed. But like I stated previously, when it comes to video game adaptations, or super hero movies, for that matter, critics' opinion of these types of film really do not matter because they cannot suspend disbelief to allow themselves to enjoy something that requires you to release critical thinking and just enjoy a good film that is not Oscar bait. Michael Fassbender is a two-time Academy Award nominated actor. He's been screwed over three times after giving his all in films that he should have won the holy grail for, so cut the guy a break and let him have fun in exploring a new and exciting film franchise based off the most popular video game in the world. Michael can use the break from trying to appeal to critics groups, the Hollywood Powers That Be, and awards groups, and for once, just have fun in making a film that is his baby and introducing and exposing himself to a wider global audience.

Merry Christmas!

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