Friday, January 13, 2017

TGIF 1.13.17

By John Russo 2013
As Assassin's Creed opens in cinemas all over the world, it is moving into 'hit' territory with its global box office of $155 million as of Jan 11th. I'm really proud of Michael doing what he aimed to accomplish with AC. It's a great film that deserves to be seen by gamers, and those who enjoy sci-fi/fantasy films that make you think. To remind you of the importance of international box office and how Hollywood is now catering to it, read this article from the BBC - How the Global Box Office is Changing Hollywood. It makes perfect sense why Michael and the studio focused on heavy promotions overseas.

The next Fassy film that will be released is Song to Song and it will be the opening film, on March 10, at the SXSW festival and the SXSW website has the film prominently featured. A fan emailed me asking if I thought Michael would attend the premiere. Well, since he's not filming anything at the moment, I think that he might make himself available especially since this is a Terrence Malick film, and it's been five years since Michael filmed it, so he's probably excited to see how it turned out at the very place that inspired the film. So yes, I now think he'll be there. And in case you haven't heard, apparently Michael's character in the movie has a 'Lucifer' quality to him. If this is true, then Malick has something up his sleeve about this particular character. Since this film has been off my radar for a while, I'm just starting to warm up to it again.

Thanks to all the new readers who rallied in the past two weeks to help FF @Facebook hit and pass the 1K Likes milestone. We got 15 in just the past week, even while I was out of town and offline. So that's great that you guys are enjoying what we cover on Michael here at the blog and at FF@FB. Thank you!

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