Friday, January 20, 2017

TGIF 1.20.17

All day today at my @Fassfass twitter, I be posting images of Michael Fassbender because, you know, ain't nothing else of any sort of importance is happening today, so why not let loose and go Full TGIFassy! And besides, Tresspass Against Us is releasing today in very select theaters, so please go see it on January 20th to support this cool film, and also because it's an important day to do something good and fun and to distract yourself from a historic national embarrassment. What will I be doing on Friday? Well, I'm going to the spa to soak in a copper bath, and then have a 60 minute organic facial. The stress this week has been incredible, and I'm treating myself with a spa, and I'm treating you to all day Fassy images.

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