Sunday, February 5, 2017

Michael at the 69th Director's Guild Awards

Michael attended the 69th Director's Guild Awards ceremony last night, held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, to award his mentor and friend, director Ridley Scott with the Lifetime Achievement Award. Ridley has been directing films longer than Michael has been alive, but after directing Michael in three great films, it made sense that Michael would be positioned to present this honor to his friend. Recently, Michael announced that he would like to start directing in a few years, and with a working relationship with Ridley Scott, he is being mentored by one of the best in the industry. One day within the next decade, surely Michael will receive a nomination from the DGA. Coincidentally, while the DGA was occurring last night, I was watching Alien on BBC America. The horror film that 40 years later created a popular franchise that Michael would become a part of. 

Michael with Billy Crudup

Michael presenting award to Ridley Scott

Here is a brief write up of the event by RTE:
British director Ridley Scott was presented with a lifetime achievement award by Irish actor Michael Fassbender.On stage, the 79-year-old said: "My fellow directors, I salute you. Do try to raise the bar and most importantly, try not to punch anyone because I've come close quite a few times."Paying tribute to Scott, Christopher Nolan, who directed the Dark Knight trilogy, said: "If I was asked to point to one filmmaker who inspired me to get into film, it would be Sir Ridley Scott." - RTE
It would be remiss of me to not acknowledge how refreshed, happy and healthy Michael looked last night. Since I have moved to Los Angles in October, this is the first time Michael attended a Hollywood event while I was just miles away. I look forward to one day taking advantage of the benefits of logistically being in an area where I could be on the sidelines of these events so that I can update the blog on coverage of an event Michael attends.

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