Monday, February 6, 2017

Michael Monday 32

Some well deserved holiday time from Christmas through January did Michael good as he showed off his sun kissed face in Hollywood Saturday night at the DGA Awards. Just when I think I'm a level headed, professional fan blogger person, the fan girl in me comes out screaming when weeks go by and I don't see or hear about Michael, and then Wham! here he is looking so 'Ungodly gorgeous' as director Todd Holland wrote about Michael on his (@Toddholland3) instagram Saturday night. You know a man is being honest and has no shame when he says that about our boy. Thanks Michael for picking up my spirits, and motivating me to update the blog and FF@FB all weekend!

ps. Thanks for fans giving us back our sacrificed facebook Likes from the previous weekend's punishment un-Liking event. LOL! xoxo

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