Monday, February 13, 2017

Michael Monday 33

In a couple of weeks, the 5th annual FF birthday fundraiser will commence on Wednesday, March 1st. So please get ready to join the Fassinating Fassbender fanbase in making this year an exceptional fundraising success to honor Michael's 40th birthday, and The Bike Experience. Have any of you celebrated your 40th birthday yet? It's a really cool milestone. Still young, but older, wiser, and you're taken more seriously in the world because you're like a real straight up, bonafide adult. In your 40s, you're still receptive to learning and exploring new things, so it's an exciting age group to be a part of. If we thought Michael in his 30s kicked ass - and I've been a fan of his since he turned 30 in 2007, I know that his 40s are going to bring an expansion of his acting talent, more producing, and delving into directing. Michael Fassbender is like a fine wine - he gets better with age.

And speaking of that, I'm not being nasty or anything, but I Googled fine wines of 1977, and the first one that came up was Cockburn's 1977 Vintage Port for $155. Make of that what you will. What kind of celebratory Fassy birthday wine will you be drinking?


Gisa said...

Hi, just saw a great picture of Michael in Japan, promoting "Assassin's Creed" and he looks ten years younger...smiling and happy. Taking even so little time off from filming (and even with all the hectic flying around to promote films) seems to be paying off. Was so glad to see it that I had to share!

Simone Cromer said...

Gisa, please also visit the Facebook page of the blog, I post pictures there as it's an easier dumping ground to do so. The blog is to focus more on articles I write. :)