Friday, February 10, 2017

TGIF 2.10.17 (Edited)

After keeping tabs on Michael during his LA visit earlier this week, we're going into a quiet weekend until Michael pops up again. I posed a question at FF@FB asking if people would be interested in seeing Michael present at the Oscars this year. He did such a nice job at the DGAs that I think it would be great for him to be seen on a worldwide stage presenting an award. But I don't know if it's really his cup of tea, and I would totally understand if he's not interested. The closest most celebrities will come to being on the Oscar stage is as a presenter, and it's very lucrative to do so. In any event, slightly off TGIFy topic, since I've seen the one film that has been smartly marketed to all hell, stamped-approved, and pre-designated to win everything (you know how this works), I'm going to see two films this weekend that I hope win in their respective categories: I Am Not Your Negro (Best Documentary), and Toni Erdmann (Best Foreign Film  - Germany).

As usual, Hollywood has already negotiated the rights to take the very successful, very original, and very GERMAN Toni Erdmann and they're going to make it All-American for those who don't want to read the German spoken film with English subtitles. I'm not cool with this, because for cripes sake, we have the original, playing in theaters right now, and strongly positioned to win the Oscar for Best Foreign film. And before the Oscar engraving dust has settled, Hollywood has signed on two big All-American as apple pie celebrities to remake Erdmann for the USA crowd. I already know it's not going to be as good as the original so that's why in honor of Michael Fassbender and Daddy Josef Fassbender and the country of their birth, I'm going to the theater on Saturday to watch Toni Erdmann and reading the English subtitles of this German film like a proper and cultured cinephile!

Unterst├╝tzung deutscher Filme!

Edited to add: DMC Film is hiring an intern!!!


Nienna64 said...

Hi, I very much like your support for "Toni Erdmann". But don't they show the film in the original German version with ENGLISH subtitles in the USA? And not with GERMAN subtitles like you wrote?
Best wishes from Germany, haven't seen Toni Erdmann yet myself but I will as soon as it's available on DVD, maybe even in the public library I work at. :-)

Simone Cromer said...

LOL! I need to correct that to reflect English subtitles... I was on a high on writing GERMAN.


Stefanie Golz said...

Thanks for supporting Toni Erdmann. It's a piece of art. But it works partly because it plays with German stereotypes. They will have to change a lot to make it American...
Best wishes from northern Germany!

Kruschelkasten said...

Do you know why foreign films are so successful in Germany? Because they get dubbed with a German voice over. So nobody is forced to read subtitles or needs to understand that language. It's convenient but it prevents you sometimes from hearing the finer points of the spoken word.

I guess all these action films in their OV would still make it over the Atlantic (not much reading to be done) but others I'm not so sure.