Friday, February 3, 2017

TGIF 2.3.17

In a couple of weeks, I'll provide information about the 5th Annual FF Birthday fundraiser, and it's a special year because it'll be Michael's 40th birthday! For the entire month of March, Fassinating Fassbender will host a fundraiser for The Bike Experience, a wonderful British charity that we believe in and value the inspiration it gives to those who use the services.  As challenging, exhausting, and demanding managing a fundraiser can be, it's completely rewarding when we meet our goal, or get close to it. No matter how much  money we raise, it all goes directly to TBE and they appreciate every penny we raise!

The month of March is also another anniversary milestone month and I'll have a special blog article to recognize this occasion, so be on the look out! Thanks for putting up with my sour mood in the past month. Along with work, long commuting, and pathetic politics, I've been stressed out a bit and I know my spirits will pick up soon.

One of my vague posts at FF@FB this week made some people dunk their heads into their river of denial and a few of them unLiked us. Oh well, it's ok, I believe I did them a favor by at least giving them a heads up warning so they can brace themselves for any official announcement coming out this Spring.

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