Monday, March 6, 2017

Michael Monday 36

Over the weekend, I went to the theater to see Logan, and I saw the preview for Alien: Covenant. I tell you, the computer screen doesn't do justice for the latest and scariest trailer for the movie. Watching it in the theater made it more exhilarating and horrifying! There were gasps in the audience when the Alien was on the screen. Covenant is going to be a hit and I already know I'll be seeing it more than once in the theater. I hope 20th Century Fox gives it a proper Hollywood premiere because I will be there!

We are starting a new full week to get the annual Michael Fassbender birthday fundraiser off to a good start. The fundraiser has always started off slowly, and that's ok, just as long as we made our goal. So this is just serving as a reminder to make your donation as soon as possible because it helps inspires others to donate too.

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