Friday, March 24, 2017

TGIF 3.24.17

Last weekend when I watched Song to Song, I forgot to mention that the first screen time Michael had in the film, he was riding a motorcycle, really fast. It made me wonder if it was something Michael suggested to Malick that his character Cook engage in, or if it was already in the script that Cook was a bike enthusiast, just like our Fassy. Either way, it was pretty cool to see Michael participating in his favorite hobby in a movie. Which is a great segway into letting you all know that we have just 7 days remaining for the 5th Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday Fundraiser for The Bike Experience. We are running behind on our fundraising goal, so I'm hopeful in this final week that those of you who plan to donate will do so and help make up for the slow pace this year's fundraiser has experienced.

When you donate to the fundraiser, you are not only celebrating your favorite actor's upcoming 40th birthday, but you are also helping a charity that is extremely reliant upon fundraisers to help support its growing mission to give disabled people the opportunity to ride a modified motorcycle on a professional speedway. It takes a lot of money to build these special bikes, maintain them, rent the use of tracks, and provide the riders with the biking accessories and protective gear, etc., that fundraisers like ours provide to TBE.

So please donate whatever amount you can. I strongly believe in this charity, and those who have donated thus far feel the same way. When you donate, your name will be added onto a birthday greeting announcement to Michael, which will be given to him on his birthday. A raffle prize and winner will be announced on Monday, April 3.

Please go to this link to donate asap because we need your assistance to make our goal and give TBE the monies they desperately need!

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