Friday, March 31, 2017

TGIF 3.31.17

Today, at 6pm PST, the 5th Annual Michael Fassbender Birthday Fundraiser supporting The Bike Experience will come to a close. If previous years are any indication, there will be a last day rally of donations to inch us closer to the goal. Even if we don't hit the goal, I'm happy people responded to the fundraiser during a time when there are so many other fundraisers begging for your attention. Most of this year's donors are people who have been supporting the birthday fundraiser nearly every year and that is remarkable. It demonstrates that these true Team Fassinating Fassbender folks really believe in supporting The Bike Experience and helping to provide much needed funds to help disabled persons ride on the motorcycle. On Saturday, I will announce the raffle winner and share the birthday announcement that lists the names of the donors wishing Michael a happy 40th birthday!

If you want to donate on the last day, please go for it, you'll be a part of something special!

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