Monday, April 10, 2017

Michael Monday 40

My apologies for there not being a TGIFassy update on Friday. My internet service was interrupted and thus preventing online access for about 36 hours. But sometimes having these outages can help put things into perspective as I decompress from a stressful week, and I was able to really enjoy my mini-vacation time after I quit my job on Wednesday, and start a new one today! However, once I was back online, there wasn't anything new on Michael - but Fendi SS17 did post this week's MM photo of Michael on their Instagram.

We're just a month away from full blown Alien Covenant promotions and red carpet premieres. I hope that there's a Los Angeles premiere because I'll do almost anything to be there to cover it for the blog! And after Covenant is released in theaters, we will have to wait until October 13 for Michael's Norwegian-English film, The Snowman. And with one glance at Michael's IMDB page, it's so odd not seeing a few 'pre-production' or 'filming' status titles for films he's working on. In fact, Michael appears to be living up to his word by saying that he's taking six months off from acting to focus on other things. I'm kind of hoping that with the announcement of a future Ridley Scott project, Battle of Britain, a WWII film, perhaps Ridley has spoken to Michael about starring in it. Just because Michael's on a break from acting, doesn't mean he's on a break from negotiating for his next projects for later this year, or early next year. So, we'll have to see what happens with this Ridley project since they get on so well together.

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