Friday, April 14, 2017

TGIF 4.14.17

Earlier this week it was revealed that Alien Covenant will have its World Premiere in London on May 4th. The film opens in the states on May 19th, so I'm crossing my fingers, and anything else on my body that can be crossed, and hope that Covenant has a Hollywood premiere too. If there will be a premiere, I will be there, and I'm getting some ducks in the row to make this happen, but with my luck, the ducks will drown and all this will be moot. I'm so anxious with anticipation that there be an Alien premiere in Hollywood because for literally all my life, I have been a fan of all the Alien films, and to witness a premiere for Covenant would be a dream come true. But in reality, this will be two dreams come true: Watching an Alien franchise premiere; and actually seeing Michael Fassbender on the red carpet for a genuine Hollywood premiere. I've seen him 4-5 times at Toronto Int'l Film Festival and other industry events, but that ain't Hollywood!

Back in 2012, I was on my first holiday to Ireland, but as I was flying to London to continue my holiday, I missed the Prometheus premiere by 1 hour as I flew into Heathrow from Shannon. I even considered trying to catch an earlier flight out of Shannon, but it was going to cost me over 200 Euros to do so, and I couldn't justify paying that extortion fee just to fly to London 2.5 hours earlier. So, we'll see if the universe will permit me this opportunity.

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