Friday, April 21, 2017

TGIF 4.21.17

Sometimes it's so easy, too easy to believe in negative news or gossip about someone you care about. And yeah, sometimes the information is true. But not always. Some gossip is designed as a red herring. Especially if you think you know someone, support them, believe in them, and have actually seen first hand, or read enough about a person to KNOW that they are not what the rumor mill claims them to be - and thus, it can be particularly frustrating dealing with the impending storm. Maybe it's just the way things are in Hollywood where an actor has to be perceived as a Lothario. It makes him more appealing, we will desire him more, and want him, and want to see his work because he's a cool ass, he-man Lothario dude. But for me, I don't need all that window dressing and pretense bullshit to want to see an actor's movies. Then again, all the pretense bullshit isn't staged for fans like me, or smart fans like you.

Michael Fassbender is a good guy. He's not perfect, he's not an angel, and neither are you or me. I've said this many times and nothing has changed my opinion. But, movies have to be sold to audiences, a handsome man still has to be sold as someone that you want to sleep with, and his personal life needs to be displayed in a way that pretends to give the delusional among us, the very faint belief that she/he has a chance with Michael, or at the least, some people can project themselves into Michael's personal life via the person he's dating (see Abnormal Psychology 101).

Since 2008, I have told FF readers to mind the timing of unbelievable fabrications. I have seen many so-called fans who used to follow FF very closely, lose interest in Michael based on absurd rumors. The timing is everything because a major film will open soon for Michael, and it's spring cleaning for him as well. I personally hope he has industrial strength Lysol to help with his cleaning. To get out of a lie, sometimes you gotta participate in another lie. C'est la vie.


Andrea Arnold said...

He's been laying low lately. What could they possibly be saying now?

Martha said...

I know. I did a google search and found nothing so that is a good thing. People need to stop caring so much about what celebrities do. It's like they have an invested interest of some kind. I really don't understand.