Monday, May 1, 2017

Michael Monday #43

Michael in Los Angeles around 2009ish.

It's the month of May and that means it's Alien: Covenant Month!!!! In two weeks, I may get the chance to see Michael again as he'll be in Los Angeles to promote the movie and support Ridley Scott. Just last night I saw yet another new TV advert for the movie and they are showing some really scary parts. I think they are trying to really market this film as the horror film that most people know the Alien films to be, and 20th Century Fox want people to see this movie in droves! Some people like to hate on Prometheus and claim that it was a failure. It was an excellent film, and it went on to earn over $400 million worldwide, on a $130 million budget. That's damn good. So if the much dissed Prometheus did so well, Covenant is really going to kick butt!


Jeannie said...

If you find out for certain that Michael will be in L.A., will you please post it beforehand? I too will go to see him. Thanks for your wonderful blog! It's my first time posting, but I've been reading along for a long time.

Simone Cromer said...

Hi Jeannie, as you will see from today's 5.12.17 TGIF post, Michael will be in Los Angeles next week.

Hope you can see him, and thank you for supporting FF! :)