Monday, May 8, 2017

Michael Monday #44

Reviews for Alien: Covenant thus far have been mostly very positive, and there has been standout high praise for Michael Fassbender as he plays androids David and Walter. I have been trying to be very careful in what I read because some "critics" aren't savvy enough in their writing style to avoid major spoilers, and I hate spoilers for movies I am extremely eager to watch. But since the movie still won't open in the US until May 19, we'll have to be even more diligent in avoiding spoilers, even positive spoilery praise about Michael. I read one comment on twitter this afternoon about Michael's David that made me raise an eyebrow, and smirk, so, I have one scene to look out for.  If all goes well on May 17 for Ridley's imprint at the Chinese Theater, I'll see the movie on that day, and I'll go pay to see it again on Friday. I'll do my Fassinator bit to give money towards Covenant's box office success. Opening weekend is so very important these days.

Michael made his sixth or seventh appearance on The Graham Norton show after the London premiere, and Michael was in extremely top form. Enjoy!

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