Monday, May 22, 2017

Michael Monday #46

Final box office numbers will come in late Monday to officially declare Alien: Covenant as the #1 movie at the US box office. It will be a tight contest, but the film that has been on top for the past few weeks will be very close behind. Whatever the final tally is for the domestic box office, critics need to remember that Alien: Covenant is R-rated, and it's a horror film; two strikes against it during the time of year where family friendly films reign in theaters. Michael Fassbender had a successful visit to Los Angeles last week, and I'm still very grateful for being able to join in on the festivities for Covenant's Hollywood premiere. I saw the film again on Friday after work and was able to see things about it that I missed in the first screening. 

For instance, the opening sequence with David and Weyland talking, I was able to better focus on what they were talking about because at the Wednesday premiere, my brain was still having a brain fassyspasm* and I wasn't able to give that scene my full attention. Fassy does that to people, I don't think the dude is aware of what he does to people. The best way I can describe a brain fassyspasm is if you were to stare at the sun or a bright light bulb for a few seconds, then look away and close your eyes, your eyes will still see the bright light for a few moments. That's referred to as solar retinopathy when too much ultraviolet light floods the retina of your eye. Similarly, when one meets Michael Fassbender, too much of his fassy aura penetrates your brain and causes brain spams, and it's difficult to concentrate on anything or anyone else because the spasms need dissipate on its own and then you'll be normal again.


* a temporary brain spasm phenomenon that a person experiences after meeting His Sexiness, Michael Fassbender. Spasms can last 5-20 minutes after the Fassbender encounter. No medical attention is necessary.


Martha said...
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Martha said...

Can't wait till I experience my own FassySpasm. 😂😂

Simone Cromer said...

Hopefully your fassyspasms don't last too long! I think my brain fassyspasm lasted 15 minutes. That's a long time! :D

Martha said...

Well if I know myself, I might faint like the woman in Toronto during the screening of Shame. Ha, ha, ha! But seriously, I know I would be completely euphoric. But if ever there comes a time I will know what is happening to me because of you sharing your experience. I will be able to diagnose myself properly if I look strange and people come to my aid.