Monday, May 29, 2017

Michael Monday #47

It's Memorial Day weekend in the US and hopefully many of you went to see Alien: Covenant this holiday. As it stands, with domestic and international box office, the movie has earned an estimated $160 million, so that's a good ROI with a production budget of $97 million, but it is tracking a bit behind on Prometheus' numbers. When Prometheus came out in 2012, it was the first Alien film since 1997's Alien Resurrection. So in those 15 years, people were very interested in seeing what Prometheus was about and its ability to rekindle the Alien franchise. After its successful box office run, we now have Covenant and possibly two more films to lead up to the 1979 film that started it all.

Sadly, it looks like we're heading into a quiet streak of regular media updates on Michael for a bit, so be warned. One does get quite spoiled seeing new Michael updates in the media when he's promoting a new film. The next one won't be until October. Boo!

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