Friday, May 12, 2017

TGIF 5.12.17

Next week could be a good Fassy week for me. Firstly, I have RSVPd for the Chinese Theater screening of Alien: Covenant and the Ridley Scott hand and foot imprint, where Michael Fassbender will be in attendance next Wednesday the 17th. And then on the 18th, Michael is scheduled to be a guest on The Late Late Show with James Corden. By blind luck, I am on the waiting list for tickets to attend the recording of that show at 4pm on the 18th, but I don't know if I'll actually get tickets. As I understand, they could release extra tickets to waitlist people at the very last minute, but most get a notification days before the recording. So if I'm lucky enough to get notice that I got an actual ticket to attend the recording, I'll go.

Hey Simone Cromer!
Your request for The Late Late Show with James Corden on Thursday, May 18, 2017 @ 4:00 PM has been received, and you have been placed on the Waitlist.

I need time to refer to my personally written but yet to be published, '1001 Blatant Lies to Get Out of Work Early' book, and pay close attention to Chapter 2 on 'New work place lies and strategies', and flag the section on 'Outrageous excuses for back to back days off'.  But I ain't dropping life and responsibilities to hope I get tickets a few hours before the recording. So, it's up in the air if I will even go. I would love to attend as it will be the first time I'm going to a live recording of a late night celebrity TV show here in Los Angeles, so the whole experience will just rock. The other guest on the show is my old time girl crush Diane Lane, and cool ass Benecio Del Toro.

A lot of Covenant reviews, ... I mean, a LOT, have been praising Michael's performance as David and Walter in the movie. It's like it's HIS movie, he's so stand out in it with these duo roles. I'm going to stay chilled out and not get too excited. I just want to watch the film, enjoy it, and see yet again, Michael Fassbender do an excellent job at his craft. It's way too early for all this awards/Oscar talk shit because I've been there, done that, three other times with his previous stand out work. Whatever happens, happen.

Wish me luck!


Martha said...

This is great Simone! I don't usually watch James (too late to stay up) but I will record this. I do like his show when I have seen it. I think it will be a hoot. Have fun at the ceremony and I am looking forward to watching this movie.

I have heard many say it is Scarrrrry! So this is good. Michael always does well but many times he is not appreciated.

I doubt he would be nominated because he does not kiss up to people. Plus the role is for a robot. Has another actor ever been nominated for a role as a robot? Usually Sci-Fi is looked at in the same way a drama is.

I may have to see this twice then!

Martha said...

Usually Sci-Fi is NOT looked at in the same way a drama is. (Is there a way to edit a post? If so I need directions).

Simone Cromer said...

You're right Martha, Sci-fi is disrespected by the big awards, but it is high time that someone wins an award for outstanding work in such a film. Look at what Heath Ledger accomplished, although in death, he was the first actor to win major awards for a super hero film. So, it is about time Sci-fi/horror is given the same respect.

Sarah S said...

I hope Covenant at least gets a good chance because of its pedigree. I feel like Assassin's Creed wasn't treated fairly in a lot of ways (ie reviews that dismissed it for being 'another CGI-fueled romp', for example, when they went to the lengths of making everything - including the Leap of Faith - a physical effect, so the reviewer clearly didn't even WATCH the movie except out of half of one eye) and I'm concerned that will jeopardize the opportunity of a sequel. With Ridley Scott and 'Alien' attached, I feel like this movie will at least get the respect of being looked at. That being said, I'm quite excited for it. I do love a sassy robot and with David back, we're guaranteed at least one ;D