Friday, May 26, 2017

TGIF 5.26.17

Technically, Alien: Covenant is the first film with Michael in the lead role (first name in the credits, on the marquee) to be the number one film at the domestic box office. Congrats Michael, you deserve this honor! He has starred in several films that made it to number one, but his name wasn't first. Unfortunately, with Memorial Day weekend upon us, which signifies the opening of the summer blockbuster months, Covenant will not hold that spot for a second week. Those who really wanted to see it, saw it last weekend, and stragglers will check it out over the next few weeks. Some people have seen it multiple times, most only seen it once.

I know that I cannot wait for the Blu-ray for Covenant. The extras on that are going to be fantastic, just like how the extras on the Prometheus Blu-ray fleshed out the film a bit more, even the deleted scenes that seemed a bit too hokey - I still enjoyed them. I'm a true bonafide Alien franchise fan in that I just loved the film and look forward to Michael playing David again in the next one or two films. He has created an iconic bad guy role that I hope propels his career even further. And with The Snowman coming out in October, Michael may have a busy fall on the awards circuit. Yes, I hate even thinking about it this early, but if Michael knocks The Snowman role out of the park, it will strengthen his chances for deserved recognition in the closing year. And that's all I'll say about that for now.

There is an interesting interview with Michael from He confirmed that he no longer lives in Hackney, which was his home in London for the past 15 years or so. Due to the Brexit decision which upset him, nosey stalker fans, and neighbors mentioning in housing ads that Michael Fassbender lived nearby, it was high time for Michael to move. However, due to his constant traveling because of the various filming locations, he really hasn't lived in Hackney for many years. He just hung out there a few weeks at a time out of the year. However, because of his time living there, I had the fun opportunity to hang out in Hackney, and the fantastic Broadway Market, saw films at the Hackney Picturehouse, all because of it being Michael's hood. As reported by various news outlets, Michael purchased a home in Lisbon, Portugal. Hmmm, well, since I am 7% Portugese, I need to check out Lisbon one day and research my, um, roots, yeah. And dammit, as I check out roundtrip flight and 5-star hotel bundle deals at the Four Seasons Lisbon (travel that far, why not live a little?) via for a week, I can do it for less than $3k! I'm sooooooooo there, one day, possibly within the next 2-3 years. Thanks Michael for the new travel destination tip! ;)

So if you haven't see Alien: Covenant yet, please go see it this holiday weekend. It's a great film that has received great critical praise, and again, Michael's work as David/Walter is just outstanding - a career highlight double-duty performance!

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