Friday, May 5, 2017

TGIF 5.5.17

Michael Fassbender attended the world premiere of Alien: Covenant in London's Leicester Square yesterday. He was on the green carpet with Ridley Scott, and Katherine Waterston, his co-star from Steve Jobs. Based on a few of the non-spoilery comments about the film from those who saw it, we're in for a bloody ride, and they say that Michael is in top form. Later that afternoon, Michael went to record the Graham Norton Show - which we should be able to view sometime this weekend.

On Friday, I'm excited to meet yet another Fassinator in person. This time it is April, a great supporter of the birthday fundraiser and a good friend. The next time I visit Ireland, she's going to tag along. We're going to a concert in LA and hanging out a bit. We'll eat good food, drink champagne/mimosas, and engage in deep conversations about Fassy and life.

Here is a good quote from Michael this week about how much he values his private time and why it's important to him as a celebrity.

‘It’s effective for me as an actor because I want to be able to disappear into the characters I play,’ Fassbender said in an interview with Australia’s Stellar. ‘I don’t want the audience to be distracted by whatever else is seen of me in the real world.
‘I would consider myself a private person. I work in a medium where we rely on the public to go see it, but my own life is for me.’ (link)

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Martha said...

I did read these comments from him a few days ago. He really is about he work and could care less about how famous he is and his "Brand".

Which is why he has learned not to care about awards, popularity, even ratings. While I am sure people liking his work is important, he's not going to change his ways just because of critics.

His fans we still love his work. There is always something great that he is up to. Can't wait to see this and The Snowman!

Happy Friday all!