Monday, June 12, 2017

Michael Monday #49

Imagine Michael in this image wearing a cape and got fangs as Dracula!

The director of The Mummy, Alex Kurtzman, wants to expand further into the Dark Universe of Gods and Gothic monster films, and he wants to work with Michael Fassbender in one of those roles. In case you're not familiar, the Dark Universe world has the who's who of supernatural creatures that most of us are quite fond of. My all time favorite monster is Dracula, straight up. He is the king of the monsters and the father of all vampire themed books and movies. And I have mentioned on this blog in the past, that Michael would be an excellent Dracula or vampire. He's got the sleek Euro look down pat, he's gorgeous, intense, has those seductive laser beam blue eyes where he can 'Dazzle' the shit out of anyone, and raise your hand if you don't want Michael Dracula sucking blood from your neck. No hands? Thought so! All he would have to do is dye is hair dark brown or black to double his intensity. And he already has the TEETH. If you thought Michael was born to play young Magneto, he was conceived to play Dracula!!

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