Monday, June 26, 2017

Michael Monday #50

Based on what I posted at FF@FB yesterday, I have taken steps to better filter out the type of sharing of information from the fandom that I really don't need. So many people have focused way too much on Michael's private down time, and it just gave me pause to pay closer attention to how I filter things from the fandom. I've got a heavy plate of other priorities and responsibilities at the moment, and when it comes to receiving news on Michael Fassbender, I just need to narrow down how I get it and from where and filter out what's truly important and relevant. The point of having Fassinating Fassbender is to focus on things related to his career and endeavors that he's participating in where the focus is on HIM, and not the uninteresting static surrounding him. Fassinating Fassbender is not the largest or most popular source of Michael Fassbender news because I don't have 10 hours free in a day to sit at my computer posting images of him and literally any-thing that has his name or a six degree of separation association to Michael. Fans of FF and myself, are, shall I say, more discriminating in what we want to see, read, and know about Michael. We are not lowest common denominator fans, and I don't post shit just to keep relevant and gain likes. I know my fellow fan base and they like what I do, the way I do it, so thank you.

I write Michael Monday articles on Sunday afternoons so that its scheduled posting can post at 4:30 am EST on Monday morning. I'm writing this week's MM in a tank top, my underwear, and a pint of Ben & Jerry's Karamel Sutra Core ice cream. This is my first official summer in the valley region of Los Angeles, and it reached 106.7 degrees today. I have a big house all to myself for 5 weeks, while I animal sit five cats and a dog. I'm coming along dandy.


April said...

Ah, Simone, hang in there! It was 100 in Portland yesterday, we pretty much wish to stop living at that point, haha. You gotta be tough in SoCal!

Martha said...

Wow! I had not heard about it being so hot by you. Much of the focus has been Arizona with it's melting street signs. That is what made the news report in the Chicagoland area.

I discovered Fassinating Fassbender back in 2011 and have enjoyed what is written here. Although I would love to know more about Michael's personal life. (Well back when I first became his fan I was reading everything and hearing all interviews on YouTube. My siblings started to worry that they might need to stage an intervention. LOL) Now that I've recovered my sanity I know intrusiveness is not cool. Plus I'm an adult woman and better act like one. Ha, ha.

I do like the this blog maintaining his career as the main focus. On a few instances his personal life has been mentioned here but 99% is his career. I think Michael appreciates that. Hopefully he gives another interview to you again Simone. That would be really cool.

Stay cool. You will survive.