Friday, June 16, 2017

TGIF 6.16.17

Michael Fassbender in NYC in 2015

So it looks like Michael is all on board for the next installment of X-Men for Dark Phoenix, to be directed by Simon Kinberg. I figured he had at least one more Magneto in him. But you know what, after watching Logan earlier this year, a film I really enjoyed, with its hard R rating, I think Michael Fassbender should be offered an R rated Magneto film to close out his time as the metal manipulating mutant. Dark Phoenix will be Michael's 4th time donning the helmet and cape to play the bad guy we all kinda support, and that's because him, and Ian McKellan have done such a great job in explaining why Erik/Magneto is pissed off at the humans and their destructive attitudes towards those different than them.

I'm working at the LA Film Festival this week, so apologies for the delay in this week's TGIF!

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