Friday, June 2, 2017

TGIF! 6.2.17

In this week's TGIF photo, Michael looks like he's saying that we're all SOL in seeing him around for the next couple of months, and that he's kinda of sorry about that. I accept your apology Michael. Besides Michael's cool appearance at Noel Gallagher's birthday party this past weekend, there's nothing new to report. Which is fine because I'm trying to keep bronchitis at bay and need to chill.

Of all the press junket interviews that Michael participated in last month, I skimmed through many of them. However, in the Esquire Q&A article, there was one cool question that I liked that confirmed just how in awe and humble Michael is about his career.

Do you ever just stop and think to yourself: 'fucking hell, I'm a movie star'?
I don't ever think 'you're a movie star'. I stop most days and think: 'jeez, you're fucking lucky'. The dream was to work with the best people and that's what I've achieved. When I'm stood on a Ridley Scott set and we're doing Alien, I definitely pinch myself for sure. - Esquire

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