Thursday, July 6, 2017

Michael and Alicia's Summer in Ibiza!

Michael Fassbender and his girlfriend, Alicia Vikander, co-star of The Light Between Oceans, have been spending quality time with each other so far this summer, and it appears to be an attempt to make up for lost time, as well as to assure the nosey prying eyes of the public, that they are still in a relationship. And what better way to do that than to up the ante and go on a yacht with friends, wearing flattering swim suits to show off their fabulous bodies, and show some public displays of affection. Why now? Why not? Both Michael and Alicia are young and attractive celebrities, and every time there is an interview with one or the other, the interviewer always ask a question about their partner, as if they are obligated to provide an update. Both Michael and Alicia have been defensive, coy, or deflected the question for privacy, as is their right. However, sadly, the downside of being a celebrity is that that very gossip machine demands that these two beautiful people prove that they are in a relationship, and in fact, can display human affection towards each other.

A sad band of online haters have been non-stop in demeaning Michael and Alicia since they started to date when they were filming the beautiful The Light Between Oceans in late 2014. There have also been a lot of nasty rumors and unfounded gossip designed to put a spotlight on the legitimacy of this relationship. But through all that, here they are, on the ocean, off the coast of Spain enjoying life with each other and their friends. Yes, I'm surprised that their relationship has lasted this long, I expected it to end by April of this year because their busy careers were taking them in different directions. I have my own theories, but it's not for public sharing. All I'll say is that Fassinating Fassbender will always be in support of Michael Fassbender and whatever projects, hobbies, and obligations that make him happy. C'est la vie! Photos courtesy of The Daily Mail.

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