Monday, July 24, 2017

Michael Monday 54

I saw an advert on TV this weekend for the upcoming release of Alien Covenant on Blu-ray. Even if Michael Fassbender wasn't a part of these last two Alien films, I'd still enjoy them because I have loved the Alien series since the early 80s. I'm sure the video (8/15) and digital (8/1) sales for Covenant will do well, it's just too bad that people are too preoccupied to go to the movies to see non-superhero films. Part of the reason why I like these last two Alien films is because they were more intelligent in trying to explain the origins of the xenomorphs and how humans inadvertently created an agent that helped pollinate the creatures. Well, whatever kept crowds from going to the theater to see Covenant, I hope when they watch the blu-ray, they'll see what a truly great sci-fi/horror film they missed this summer.

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