Monday, July 31, 2017

Michael Monday #55

I am beautiful, no matter what they say.

A list came out last week from a doctor using the so called Greek Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, it is a theory on the mapping of a human face to find perfection. Well, this top ten list completely failed to have Michael 'The Most Perfect Male Profile on Planet Earth' Fassbender as one of the beautiful ten men in the world, but instead, listed a whose who of pop culture A-listers that anyone from a 3rd grader to someone in convalescent care hooked up to oxygen would know who they are, courtesy to a steady diet of People and Us magazines. Matt Boomer didn't even make the list, so you know some massive lazy fuckery is abound. I'm not going to bother repeating the men's names here, but I will say that 7 of them don't belong on the list.  Michael Monday proudly honors the man beauty of Michael Fassbender! Here here!

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Martha said...

I agree on Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Idris Elba being on the list. The others. Blech. Who set the parameters for this. But yeah Matt should be on this list and that Michael is not on her is also a crime.