Friday, July 28, 2017

TGIF 7.28.17

Both the Toronto Int'l Film Festival and Venice Film Festival made announcements of the films that will screen at their respective festivals. Venice released their entire roster, and The Snowman was not listed, and so far, it's not on the schedule for TIFF. There's still a chance for it to screen in Toronto, as that festival slowly rolls out its film schedule over a course of several weeks through mid-August.  So there's still time. But, in the event Michael's Snowman doesn't make it on the fall festival round, that's ok, not every film released in the fall/winter is shown at the film festivals. Alicia's movie with James McAvoy will screen at TIFF, so, to capitalize on the good PR their relationship creates, it makes you wonder if Michael will indeed have his film screen there. However, we won't know for sure until another week or two when the rest of the TIFF lineup is announced. Like I wrote last year, while I was still home in Michigan, I took advantage of attending TIFF for the Fassy Soiree, but this year, I'm taking a break from TIFF due to logistics. Even if I really wanted to go to Toronto in the event Michael was attending, I can't because I'm going to see my other husband celebrity crush, Eddie Vedder at the Ohana Music Festival on September 9th.

Anyway, I haven't seen Shame in a long time, and this is the film that really put Michael on the map. He won Best Actor at the Venice Film Festival in 2011 - starting off the Oscar season talk that year that he would be nominated, and you know how that ended. Shame is a hard movie to watch regularly, unlike say, his Jane Eyre. Hunger is hard to watch too, and I refuse to watch Eden Lake ever again.


Gisa said...

Hi, Simone...first of all, thanks for all your hard work, always, even when your world seems to be so full it cannot hold one more thing you continue your essential and good work for Michael's career. Please, let me say just one thing: no television films! The only actors who go on tv and often make it a second career, are those who are washed up in films. You mentioned Nicole Kidman and of course there is Reese Witherspoon (their new series), neither one is in demand for ordinary films, so the second career is tv. There is nothing wrong with that, but it would be a dreadful loss for cinema if Michael were to be shunted in that direction. It would be better for him to make less films, like Daniel Day Lewis, and keep his name and stature as the greatest actor to come along since Lewis.

Simone Cromer said...

Hi Gisa, I think you meant to post this comment in the current week's TGIF posting. But I'll respond to you here.

I'm only suggesting that Michael consider doing a one time tv appearance, I should have made that clear. He's a bonafide leading man film actor and he will remain that way. But diversity is the spice of life and I simply would love for him to find the right vehicle for the smaller screen, be it on American cable TV or British.

Thanks for your kind words as always. xoxo