Friday, July 7, 2017

TGIF 7.7.17

If there's ONE good thing that came out of those hot Ibiza yacht pictures of Michael and Alicia, it is this one photo of Michael. Often when the pap who take pictures of celebrities frolicking on the beach, water, or yachts, they focus way too damn much on the woman - because 99.3% of the paparazzi are scuzzy dudes. Sure, they give us a few pics of the guys they are with, but they don't FOCUS on the men, especially a man like our Fassy. So, thank you to whoever orderedsuggested that they go to Ibiza to play under the sun and swim in the pretty, cool blue wa wa, because we now have THIS picture for some of us to print out and place on our altarcshrineofficephotoofpretendhusband Fassy favorite pics memory book. Michael was very happy at this moment, and I'm damn happy looking at him being happy and shit.

Some people are confused about why Michael is "so pale". Well, you insensitive morons, Michael is of the ginger persuasion, and a sweet blending of Irish and German blood, the combination of two peoples that tend to be very fair. Redheads don't tan easily, if at all, and Michael lovingly falls into this group. I love his beautiful skin, it looks healthy and vibrant. I'm sure he's wearing some sunblock of at least 50 SPF. And yes, I would pay my own way to his next beachy vacation to rub some sunblock on him... every recommended two hours, all.over.his.body, just to be safe and to give him the glorious protection his skin needs.

This TGIFassy post brought to you by: Mike's Harder Cranberry Lemonade. I had a stressful day at work and this shit works fast on someone who doesn't drink often. Cheers!

ps. Michael, please wear these type of swim trunks next time, please? They're on sale at Nordstrom Rack. Have your people call me and I'll get them for you as an early Xmas gift! Don't be shy, show off what yo mama gave you!

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