Monday, August 28, 2017

Michael Monday #59

Over the weekend, I watched the Alien Covenant Blu-ray with the Director's Commentary. Ridley Scott provided a lot of valuable information about the scenes which added rich context and layers to the film. If you have the Blu-ray, I highly recommend you turn on Ridley's commentary. He not only talks about particular scenes, but he provides historical context to how he came up with certain subplots, and he revealed a lot of intriguing information about the evolution of the different species of alien monsters, as well as the evolution of Walter which was a scaled down, but improved AI over David. I think it will help you appreciate this film even more. Ridley and his crew knew what they were doing with Prometheus and Covenant, and I just hope he's able to make his third film in the way he envisions to close up the story line leading up to Ripley and her crew.

To any Fassinators in the Houston, Texas area, I wish you and yours the best of luck as you manage the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey.

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