Friday, August 4, 2017

TGIF 8.4.17

It's been one of those weeks when I do an innocent Google search on Michael Fassbender, and I come up with shit that is NOT Michael Fassbender! And please, rest your brains, I'm sure Michael wants a child one day, his own sexy blue eye mini me, but it will be with someone who is not on the, let's just say, media radar at the present. When people start talking about families and baby stuff to support their magazine cover interviews, out of the blue, I just roll my eyes because this is in the first chapter of the PR manual, 'How to sell an upcoming movie to the public'. I'll leave it at that.

So as you may be aware, the digital format of Alien Covenant was released on August 1st. In less than two weeks on August 15th, we'll be able to buy our tangible copy of the Blu-ray disc and all the goodies that come with it. I have on my calendar to go to Target after work (maybe even during lunch), to buy it there because the Blu-ray version to be sold at Target will be more David focused with a supplement booklet of David's macabre creations on his lonely planet Frankenstein lair. And for those of you who did not go to the theater to watch Covenant, you can read the FF review, or go to the reputable Roger Ebert website where they give a huge thumbs up review!

It looks like Michael's The Snowman will not make any fall festival appearances, and like I said before, that's perfectly fine (however, it still may be a late addition). In a way, I'm relieved because I just cannot make it to TIFF or any film festival this fall because of other commitments and logistics. And that's another reason why I'm using a photo of Michael from the TIFF 2016 Soiree where he was the guest of honor, and I was in attendance in the audience. When I look back at this time last year, I'm proud of my rare Stan level* determination last year in taking a day off from work to drive to Toronto starting at 7 am in the morning, arriving there around noon, to get there in time to park, eat, freshen up and change into Soiree attire. Then immediately after the talk was over, I ran to my car and was on the road by 9:45 pm. Arriving home around 2:30 am, and at work at 7:30 am. That's time management like a mofo! And, I repeated that the following Saturday so I could see Trespass Against Us at TIFF! If you think about it, Michael could have been the Soiree guest this year and I would not have been able to attend, and that would have sucked extremely bad.

*I don't like using the word Stan in reference to myself. I'm sure loads of people think I am a stan, but Stan is short for Stalker Fan. Such a fan regularly stalks a celebrity and is intrusive in their personal life, know too much personal information about said celebrity and their schedule, hang out at their hotel, lurk around the celebrity's private home, have delusions of grandeur about their relationship with the celebrity, and often poses a security threat to the celebrity. I'm none of that. In this instance, I jokingly use 'stan level' based on my determination and perfect execution of time to see my favorite actor in the world at a public event honoring him during a very limited time frame I had available. :-)

Lastly, I've been reading about how so many A/B list celebrities have been doing so well in their transition from movies to TV shows. Quite a few have been nominated for Emmys - Nicole Kidman is just one A-lister to note. So this brings me to create a poll asking fans if they would like to see Michael take on a TV movie role or a limited series on regular TV or cable TV. As we all know, Michael's career as an actor started from being on TV shows in the UK, and now a decade later, with top stars returning to TV or doing TV shows for the first time, it has become not only profitable for them, but it is exposing them to an audience that may not have seen the celebrity in their movies. I can't tell you how many times I've read a tweet from someone saying that they just saw X on X tv show, and now they need to check out their films. TV shows are a perfect form of advertising one's talent to an audience that is otherwise ignorant of said celebrity's film career. So, maybe this is something that Michael could consider. I'm still waiting for him to do a play on the West End.


Simone Cromer said...

This comment and my reply were posted in error in a different thread, I am copying them here:


Hi, Simone...first of all, thanks for all your hard work, always, even when your world seems to be so full it cannot hold one more thing you continue your essential and good work for Michael's career. Please, let me say just one thing: no television films! The only actors who go on tv and often make it a second career, are those who are washed up in films. You mentioned Nicole Kidman and of course there is Reese Witherspoon (their new series), neither one is in demand for ordinary films, so the second career is tv. There is nothing wrong with that, but it would be a dreadful loss for cinema if Michael were to be shunted in that direction. It would be better for him to make less films, like Daniel Day Lewis, and keep his name and stature as the greatest actor to come along since Lewis.

August 5, 2017 at 3:45 AM


Hi Gisa, I think you meant to post this comment in the current week's TGIF posting. But I'll respond to you here.

I'm only suggesting that Michael consider doing a one time tv appearance, I should have made that clear. He's a bonafide leading man film actor and he will remain that way. But diversity is the spice of life and I simply would love for him to find the right vehicle for the smaller screen, be it on American cable TV or British.

Thanks for your kind words as always. xoxo

August 5, 2017 at 12:10 PM

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