Friday, September 29, 2017

TGIF 9.29.17 (UPDATE)

We're getting closer to the October 20th release date of The Snowman. TV ads and billboards are prominent these days for the movie. When you think about it, the release date of the Snowman, just a week before Halloween, is a good time for this type of film to come out. I don't scare easily (sat through IT last week without flinching once), but seeing images of women's heads on top of a snowman is horrific. It's kind of original too. These women are decapitated in horrifying ways, and then their heads are used as a decoration. What kind of mind thinks up this? And another question, why couldn't the victims all be men instead because, it's called a snowMAN, so why not a man's head on top of a pile of snow? I guess it's just more the sad norm and convenience to make us womenfolk the victims, again. But I digress as I don't want this to come off as disapproving of the film, I want to see it and read the book, but still... why women victims, again?

Well, Michael Fassbender will be in LA next week, on Thursday, October 5th to tape an episode of The Late, Late Show with James Corden. I have submitted my "request" for a ticket to the taping, but I'm on that dreadful wait list. I won't know if I got tickets until next week... and at worse, maybe not until a few hours before the actual taping. If I get tickets, YOU'LL KNOW because I'll post a 'The Carlton' gif here and at FF@FB. If I don't get tickets, I'll go for a sad walk and lament that 1iota just doesn't like me for some reason. They are the free ticket management company for events in Los Angeles and I've tried several times to get free tickets, but, other people tend to luck out, and non-surprisingly the same ones over and over again. Anyway, it'll be funny to see James ask Michael about the rumors of him getting married in October, and it'll be funny seeing Michael have a 'WTF are you talking about?' face and then have a gut busting laugh and then talk about more cool stuff about his life and career.

So, if you like me, please wish me luck, because my luck will be your luck as I'll write an awesome article on the taping if I can attend.

Edited to add: Yeah!! What a great birthday present! I just got notification that I'm going to The Late, Late Show taping next Thursday, with special guest star, Michael Fassbender!! Thank you to all who send positive cosmic Fassy vibes my way!!!

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Gisa said...

My comment is about "The Snowman" and your query "Why women's heads?" and the answer is "because the murderer kills women". Simple? And there is of course a reason why he kills women
(at least it is reasonable to his twisted mind) and when you will see the film and/or read the book you will know a lot more. By the way, the Joe Nesbo books are definitely well worth reading, aside from the film, they are perhaps the most violent and most frightening of all the crime, murder, etc. books being written anyplace in the world today. Skip the first one set in Australia. Nesbo was just getting to grips with his subjects at that time, but the later crime novels will truly have you looking over your shoulder after you finish them.