Saturday, October 14, 2017

A Wedding, Finally? (Updated)

Alicia is wearing a ring!
Photos like this is a reason why I'll always be on Team Michael!

Michael and Alicia and their close friends and family are all in Ibiza now for what is likely to be a wedding, or engagement party. Stay tuned as I post updates and pics from this interesting weekend that culminates after 3 years!

If you love Michael Fassbender like I do, as a real fan, you just want him to be happy and you celebrate that happiness!

Update: As I type this, it's nearly 8pm on Sunday evening in Ibiza, and there was no wedding as there are no new pap shots pictures released. The event appears to have been a fun engagement party as Alicia is now sporting a diamond ring on her finger, but Michael is not wearing a ring. It looks like Michael's family was in attendance, but it was difficult to see if any of his other very close male buddies, celebrities or not (besides Steve McQueen - it was so lovely to see him with Michael) were in attendance, and I don't know if his DMC partners were there either.


loopsofherhair said...

I love how you're backpedaling big time now Simone! Michael's personal life is his own freaking business & this obsessive & delusional need you seem to have to be the authority on his life & motives is both sad & pathetic. For his sake I hope Michael is happy whatever he chooses to do.

Simone Cromer said...

I'm not backpedaling shit! I stand by 110% of all I have written here at FF! Nothing has changed about how I have always and will continue to support Michael Fassbender. Your infatuation with him is only because he hangs out with Alicia. That is all. You project yourself onto his girlfriend and live for those updates about their life only. When you create your own blog about Michael Fassbender, write reviews on his films, travel places to support his public appearances, raise money for a fundraiser for his birthday, and defend his name against those who hate him and want to discredit him, you can then come back to me about who has a legit authority to discuss his life - career and personal.

Until then, kindly shut the fuck up and go take a nap you silly bitch!

Gisa said...

Good for you Simone! I don't usually tune in to everything that is going on in your blog, but I saw the pics from Ibiza (they're all over of course) and I wondered if there would be some reaction in the mail. Well, obviously there was and most nasty it is. Why don't you just erase it? Someone else lashing out because her dream has been spoiled by reality. There was one person who used to write the most disgusting things, calling himself or herself "Ecke Ausel" and I often had some fantasies about finding out who this actually is, going to his/her home and killing him/her in some grisly fashion (most slowly of course). Do keep up your good work for Michael; it is needed now more than ever. I read that he is going to do a film in Germany, about a mass murderer, so that is good news and again something to look forward to but it will be a long wait until the film is on our movie screens and in the meanwhile we can only re-view some of the old films we have enjoyed and wish him and Alicia all the happiness in the world.

Simone Cromer said...

Thanks Gisa!! xoxo

I rarely delete nasty posts because I don't want to censor people, and, I also want readers to see alternate points of views, no matter how ridiculous.

LOL! I have never heard of Ecke Ausel, and it's just as well. I don't want to you go to jail for 'slowly' killing trolls, just ignore them. :) But yes, I agree, Michael needs us now more than ever. Too many fans hate on Alicia (I don't hate her, just very indifferent to her and believe that Michael can do so much better than her) and now they are so disappointed in Michael that they don't like him anymore. It's so pathetic.

That movie about that Austrian serial killer as been something he's wanting to do for over a year, so I hope he and DMC can get it off the ground.

Thanks Gisa!