Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Anatomy of a Blind Item

This blog article published today will not allow comments. As the Editor of Fassinating Fassbender, I need to be fully honest about recent events and the language and the content I am using is well thought out and deliberate. This is my opinion and it is not subject to counterarguments.

Ok, I’m just going to get right to it. On Tuesday, a blind item was posted titled, The New Bogey and Bacall at Blind Gossip. After reading the first sentence, I knew it was about Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander. Again, this is my opinion, I don’t have facts or evidence, but I’m great at math and 1+1 does equal 2. Once the comments are revealed (it usually takes about 24 hours before comments are approved and posted), 98% of the readers comments will have their names as guesses. This blind item comes just two days after their wedding in Ibiza and as this blind item has so many details that easily associate it with Michael and Alicia; I am compelled to address this blatant blind item. As a person who visits the BlindGossip website regularly, I have come to recognize the timing of when they post a BI and it’s always just mere hours or a day or two after some information about any celebrity breaks in the mainstream media (MSM) and the circumstances warrants the creation of a blind item about them. And as in the past regarding BIs I strongly believe were to be about Michael and Alicia (but most were just about her), these items were created so soon after similar information was announced via MSM and I just know it is about them. So I feel very confident in focusing on this blind item and drawing parallels to it in regards to their Ibiza wedding.

Firstly, one may ask how in the hell can you even trust a blind item gossip page? Well, considering that they are the most popular and highly regarded gossip site that has been around for a very long time. And considering that they have never been sued for libel/slander (that I'm aware of), have never had to recant anything, and regularly post EXCLUSIVES,  regularly "Solves" BI articles (example) by updating the article with names, pictures, and include links to MSM sites supporting what the BI was all about. 

In reviewing this latest BI, and considering the process that they receive information and investigate it, and the fact that whoever submitted this information to is a person very close to Michael and Alicia, demonstrates that some people in their circles want people to know that this wedding is not what it’s being made out to be.  I know I’m risking a lot for Fassinating Fassbender by writing this (lose readers, get called out by TPTB), but you know what, me writing this and giving my opinion is not nearly as bad as being a part of this charade, right in the midst of Hollywood blowing up over the very PRODUCER who aided both Michael and Alicia in their careers. And particularly for Alicia, as Harvey got her that Oscar, just like he promised, she was his Weinstein It Girl.

What frustrates me about this blind item is what it reveals. They were going to split up; as I suspected they would split up by this past spring. But ta da, sometime last spring, another BI said that the producer begged them to stay together for a little while longer, it’s great for publicity. There were several times when Michael looked genuinely happy and free, but then at some point when he decided to continue, you saw it in his face. He was tired, he was resigned, he wore his sunglasses a lot, didn’t smile as much, and looked tense. This is not how a man acts when he’s in love, especially with such a beautiful girl!

Another key to reading BIs from that website and to evaluate its credibility is that when they use quotes, those are comments straight from the donor of that information. Case in point:

“To say they were shocked is an understatement. Everything was planned for and paid for. What about the promises made about her career/his career/their career? The Producer was even supposed to be there. (Ed: WTF?). They were arguing for about a week about whether or not to cancel. They knew it would look very suspicious. I really did not think that they would go through with it.”

For to accept and use this comment by the person who submitted it, speaks volumes to the evidence this person provided to validate what they were submitting. There are several things in this one paragraph that grabbed my attention:

1.      They were shocked as we all are with the Weinstein fall out. Perhaps this wedding was a Harvey production? Did he pay for everything?
2.      Harvey was a guest? Why in the living hell would that fat nasty bastard be at their wedding?
3.      They were arguing for a week whether to cancel or not, but thought it would look suspicious. Are you fucking kidding me? They argued for seven days about this? The Harvey fallout started around October 5th. You mean there was something to argue about in not wanting to distance yourself from that mess? And suspicious? The Ibiza boat pictures way back in July looked like an advert for a free trip weekend getaway to Ibiza, sponsored by Heineken!

But, they went through with it, thinking that no one would really be the wiser, because we’re all stupid, and the world is so fucked up and filled with liars and fake news, what’s another harmless fake thing? It’s a wedding, everyone loves weddings! Woo hoo!

Well for me, as a fan of Michael Fassbender, I’m very disappointed. You lose some integrity when you participate in shenanigans like this. I don’t even know how someone can look at themselves and be OK with participating in a dragged out relationship that was arranged just to sell a film product. It’s like a snowball rolling down a mountain. The snowball just gathers more snow and gets bigger; the faux relationship extended well past its expiration date, and the lies grow bigger, and the pretending takes a toll on a person. Especially if you’re a good person like I know Michael Fassbender to be, and as I stated previously, being a part of this thing with Alicia, has taken its toll on him.

Now, he’s married to her. Married. This is a personal life commitment that no one should take lightly. But so many people do because you know what; you can just get a divorce. As I stated previously, in Hollywood, it looks better for a celebrity to have at least been married and then divorced, instead of not being married at all. Marriage is a game for most in Hollywood. It’s used as a promotional tool, and I resent that. There is so much craziness going on in the world, and I do enjoy a good love story (Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, for example) to celebrate. We are inundated with massive lies that affect us personally in the real world and are designed to control how we perceive things. From social-economics, to healthcare concerns, to LGBT issues, women issues, minority issues, animal rights, Green initiatives, democracy, voter rights, racism, natural disasters, cancer, etc. The list goes on! And so when I write for Fassinating Fassbender, I am in support of an actor whose work I enjoy very much and use as a source of fun for my passion for creative writing, escapism, and inspiration. But not lies, not some fraudulent scenario that expects me to believe it and respect it. My being a fan should not be taken advantage of, I’m not gullible or stupid and I’m not going to support fake shit anymore on this blog!

From this point forward, I will update FF with just Michael related news about his career. I will never write about his wife, I have no interest in her. With great hesitation, I admit that I hope a time never comes when a situation is introduced on top of this event which could prompt me decide to close down the blog. I have my own life and a variety of other interests to keep me occupied and happy, therefore, I will refuse to spend time hosting a blog in support of someone who may be provoked to add onto a foundation of lies. That’s not the person I first became interested in 10 years ago. We all grow and change, but not all of us freely participate in PR that has completely gotten out of control.  I’m not the only one who feels this way, and only until this blind item was released, I now have the guts to finally admit that what I’m witnessing has just gone on too far and I won’t be a party to this.