Monday, October 2, 2017

Michael Monday #63

Yes my friends, I'm going to be attending my first talk show taping this Thursday on The Late, Late Show with James Corden and guest star, Michael Fassbender. This will be Michael's second time on the show this year. The last time he was a guest was back in May promoting Alien: Covenant. After I printed out my ticket, I read the guidelines and important instructions and it's all very interesting. Firstly, I need to make sure I arrive and get in line at the right time because even though I have a ticket, the production team may still decide they have enough audience members and send the rest of the people home. Yikes! So, I will make sure my ass is in line early enough to get in.

I do recall many months ago driving past CBS Studios and seeing a long line of well dressed people. I thought they were going to an exclusive CBS party, but no, they were in line for the James Corden show. One of the guidelines is that audience members must dress up as "upscale/business class" because we may appear on camera, and may be called upon to participate in the show. So I will have to dress very nice too. They will turn people away if they are not dressed right. There are model image examples they give us as to how to dress (women and men).

It will be cold in the studio so I will definitely wear a blazer/jacket outfit. Hmmm, I think I may wear a dress that I bought a few months ago with some boots. Along with the strict dress code, the studio security may hold our cell phones and cameras, so they encourage us not to bring them in. And most importantly, there will be no opportunity for a meet and greet with guests and there will be no autographs, and no gifts for James or his guests are accepted. For this talk show, they just need warm human bodies in the audience to laugh and have fun with. The audience line up begins at 3pm, we are all seated by 4:30 pm, and taping of the show is from 5pm to 7pm.

Although I won't be able to take any pictures of anything associated with this taping, I will make note of the most interesting highlights and share it with ya'll for TGIF!  This is going to be a good week! I'm in 99% improved condition from my month long illness, my boss is in Egypt for 10 days, I see Fassy on Thursday, Coldplay on Friday, and I have a hair appointment on Saturday! And hopefully in between all this, I'll get a call for a job interview. LA is tough, but I'm tougher!

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