Monday, October 16, 2017

Michael Monday #65

Michael Fassbender is a married man.
Michael and Alicia Vikander got married this weekend. For a couple that met in 2014 to film The Light Between Oceans, where they played a married couple, their very private, guarded, and coy relationship finally resulted in a wedding. As announced at around 11pm on Sunday evening, October 15th edition of The Daily Mail, this very private wedding was very intimate and not flashy or very expensive like most celebrity weddings. They did things their own way with family and friends. So, no Vera Wang for Alicia.

So now this is done, it's my hopes that the really, really nasty and disrespectful Internet dragging of Michael will end now that he's married. The taunting abuse that both he and Alicia have had to endure at a very, very popular message board that thrives on negativity and gross racial overtones, has pretty much lead to the events that occurred this weekend. Their hands have been forced; Michael and Alicia have to publicize their personal lives to control the narrative of their personal lives. Controlling the personal narrative also helps their career narrative too, and with the Weinstein saga continuing to unravel, I think this weekend was perfect timing for Alicia to get married to her boyfriend of three years as she was Miss Weinstein 2016. There's no denying that. This wedding will greatly deflect attention from this saga and protect her from prying eyes and ears curious about her association with that gross ass, fat pig bastard.

Michael and Alicia's relationship has been brutally mocked, speculated, dissected to pieces, and many blind items have been flagged as them. Well, congratulations haters, Michael and Alicia have given you the finger while exchanging vows, smiling and drinking champagne with friends and family in Ibiza. They called your bluff you stupid idiots and now they are married. Hopefully those nasty obsessive people will finally lose complete interest in Michael Fassbender as he will have moved on with his life in doing something that will be met with disgust from that group. Why keep 'dragging' on about a man who is married to someone they hate, he looks 60 years old to them, he's short, take drugs, is a womanizer, his movies are flops, and they don't even refer to him as Michael Fassbender anymore; they hate him so much, they use pseudonyms in place of his name! How sick and pathetic is that?

I have gone on record as not being a big fan of Alicia Vikander, but I don't hate the woman, I'm indifferent. I've seen her movies and I think she's talented. Do I think she's the woman for Michael? No, he deserves better, much better. And I will go on record with that. But this is not to say I endorse hateful attacks against this girl, that's uncalled for! She and Michael are doing what they have to do with their lives, and let the cards fall where they may. There is so much hatred in the world, so many horrible natural disasters, so much political turmoil going on throughout the world that harms people, our planet and wildlife, and so many attacks against women. So to see other women carry on like this about two rich and famous, young, attractive celebrities, is quite pitiful and shameful to witness. What goes around comes around. You spread negativity and hate, it comes back at you. But if you spread good will and positivity, it will come back to you too.

This coming weekend, I'm really looking forward to continue to demonstrate the exact reason why I'm such a big Michael Fassbender fan. I know there's a lot of negative reviews about The Snowman, but I'm excited about the film. I'm halfway through the book and I know the film will be different than the book, and that's OK, this is to be expected. Some of the positive reviews I have read have been very decent and I expect I will at the least enjoy the film for what it is, and I don't anticipate adding to the negativity about this movie. And this reminds me, please enter The Snowman giveaway. All you have to do is participate in the quiz, post in the thread that you did it, or tag me @FassFass or at FF@FB to let me know you did the quiz and I'll enter you. Simples. The winner will be announced on Halloween, October 31st.

So cheers and good will to Michael with the decision he has made with his personal life and career, and I just want him to know that I'll still be here!


Webigail said...

I'm truly happy for them. Who am I to question whether or not they are truly in love?(although the photos seem to indicate that they are at least very good friends and attracted to one another). I am a fan of Michael's work and YES! I find him very attractive. However, if I could choose his ideal mate, I'd have chosen James McAvoy (or would that be Charles Xavier to Erik Lensherr). I hope both Michael and Alicia can forgive/appreciate the silly ships that fans engage in. Regardless, I wish them both a lifetime of love, togetherness, and, dare I say it, family (with babies!). Fassy baby! I can't wait!!

Simone said...

I agree, James McAvoy would have been a better spouse! ;)

Vadiva said...

Yeah they've been in a relationship for quite a while, in the beginning more private than all the other ones he had, but it's been three years!!! It's normal to start opening up. He's 40 and dating for this long, a wedding was to be expected. I never understood why someone would think this two could be a stunt when they were only seen bu fans, they only used they're lives fo promote their work this year when it was obvious that they were trully determined to stay together. And we got the wedding news long before Weinsten scandal, this is not a reason, also Michael worked with Harvey as much as Alicia. Her oscar win had nothing to do with him, he was pushing Rooney Mara. This Alicia and Harvey thing has always been a thing of fellow Michael fans and it's nasty. I hope they're happy and I hope Michael enjoy Lisbon, I'm from there and it is the most beautiful city and the best food in the world.

Simone said...

@Vadiva, I'm happy that someone like you accept this at face value and are clueless to the true machinations behind this. I envy you for not be burdened with other information.

I do look forward to visiting Portugal. I would like to plan a visit in 2019. :)

c c said...

Happy For them. They fit well together. Not surprised Alicia is the one for him. :)

Martha said...

This wedding party is very much who Fassy is. He is not at all Hollywood and could care less to go the places that are "cool". He and Alicia probably picked this location because it is very out of the ordinary. Seems like the places that Michael normally vacations at are very "un-celebrity-like".

With all the stuff coming out about Harvey some of the things that are being confirmed is women wearing Marchesa because of pressure from Harvey and that Oscar campaigns are a sham because of the bought awards. I have no doubt Harvey had a hand in Alicia getting one. It must have really killed him that he had no hand in Lupita's though. Alicia is talented but I don't think she was that good in the film she won it for.

Will be seeing The Snowman this weekend. The snowmen look soooo creepy. But I doubt I will be traumatized if I see a snowman in a few months. Unless someone makes one that looks like the ones in this movie. I am prepared to be creeped out.

And everyone keeps getting it WRONG on how the two met. One of them said they met at one of the Film Festivals. I think it might have been Toronto. They apparently met there at one of the parties and dance together. They hit it off right away but it seems nothing happened until they worked together on LBO. They grew close because they were so isolated. It's funny and sad how the DM says it has exclusive photos. Almost like they were there. The pictures are of some pap who was way far away so they aren't very good.

Also, I don't see Papa Fass. I mean I'm sure he is there. He loves his son. Also I don't see Emerson in any of the pictures. I think I saw his sister and his mom for sure was in one of the pictures. I wonder what her dress looked like. I will probably hate it. I hate most of what she wears. She's like Angelina in that sense. Clothes have so much material and seem to just drape. Not that Michael cares though she's probably going to be naked around him most of the time anyway. Kinda like Kevin Bacon and his wife. LOL.

Anonymous said...

The internet is a cruel, cruel place. I too have read the "dragging threads" regarding Michael and Alicia's relationship, his work, his appearance, his supposed use of drugs and abuse of women, etc etc, not to mention all the evil things that are said about her appearance. Unfortunately, Michael and Alicia are by no means the only celebrities who get verbally assaulted online. Frankly, I feel sorry for people who spend hours attacking those whom they do not even know. These people must live pretty empty and vapid lives.

Congratulations to the couple! It is my wish that they live long and happy lives together.

Martha said...

While doing a search to see if I could find some good photos of the big event I happened upon this:

Very funny.

Some ridiculous people are criticizing Michael for not doing a lot of promo for The Snowman. Well I'm sure the event was scheduled before shooting of this began so if he had blocked off a chunk of his time for this big event in his life. I'm sure the studio knew when he would not be available so he did Promo for this movie BEFORE his private life event.

Martha said...

Oh, and I disagree with you Simone. James would totally cheat on Michael. Ha, Ha, ha.

Simone said...

@Martha, Lupita was not Harvey's type, so he never would have helped her anyway. Look at all the women so far who have accused Harvey, he has a type.

Michael's parents where there, as was Emerson (so glad to see him again) and Michael's partners from DMC/Troika.

c c said...

I must say, i finally read through the entire marriage post here from Simone. While i dont doubt you are sincere in your appreciation of Michael and his work--why say Michael deserves so much better than Alecia?

She is who he chose. Who he loves. When people say things like that, i often think..well who would be better? And the answer is no one. Cause fans who obsess typically never want to see the object of their obsession get married. It ruins the fantasy.

But, reality is..Alecia is more than good enough for him. None of us know them. They value their privacy. And clearly, they have just chosen to make a lifetime committment to one another.

Being a fan is also abt respecting him and his choices. Not undermining his wife in a blog post announcing the wedding.

Lets be nice. :)

Simone said...

@cc, dear, her name is Alicia. Ok?

MY blog, MY opinion. Michael CAN do better than whom he married. Why do you think 70% of Hollywood marriages end in divorce anyway? This is what I believe and know, and many others. You drank the kool-aid and believe she is his soul mate. That's cute. They're married, so be content with that.

If Michael ate a shit sandwich, just because I'm a huge fan doesn't mean I'm going to give him a napkin and a can of Coke to complete his happy meal. I'm going to tell him, that's a shit sandwich and maybe he shouldn't eat that.

Trust me, I edited the hell out of this blog post to be nice. I'll be here long after you lose interest, so, be nice if you want to continue being in my playground. My being fan allows me to feel disappointed when I think he makes a mistake, just like how all humans make mistakes.

Gisa said...

Simone, for once I have to disagree with you. One does not make a mistake when one has been living with someone for three years. So it was not a full three years because of filming commitments, but they know each other well and I am certain that during those three years there were many disappointments (bad reviews, bad attendance, flops, etc.) so it was not a whirlwind courtship of a week, and off to the preacher we go, but something that lasted and hopefully will last the rest of their lives. That they will have a family to gladden their hearts in old age, that they will be there for each other when things go wrong and she probably needs that more than he, a child of divorce,perhaps feeling unwanted by her father (so many children do in that sort of situation), a hard worker certainly to have come so far.
Both have a work ethic, both certainly have their feet firmly planted on the ground and not in airy fairyland. I believe they will do well together and I truly wish them a life of mutual advancement in anything and in all they plan and desire for themselves.

Simone said...

@Gisa, we're going to have to agree to disagree on this issue. It utterly amazes me how people perceive this relationship so differently than others. It's not my place or desire to convince you otherwise. This blog, as a fan blog, is from my perspective, a perspective that has had a fascination with film making and some aspects of celebrity life for over 20 years - and having had first hand direct experience interacting with some celebrities in private and their handlers. I've come to be privy to behind the scenes antics that would make the general public gasp. Therefore, it is based on my educated assessment, that I confidently believe in things quite different from you. Some of what you state is not based on fact, but it's what you choose to believe in, and that's ok. PR has done its job most excellently for you to believe in all this. And that's all that matters. One look at the current poll and you see that the PR around this deserves a gold star.


Gisa said...

By the way, Simone, whom did you have in mind for him to marry instead?
If it is someone with more background, more education, a titled family ...well, he would not be happy. He is from a modest and hard-working family himself. The man-of-the-world veneer does not sit well on him. He needs someone from a similar background and someone who enjoys all the crazy things he likes to do. In that respect they suit each other. He also needs to lead. Being so much younger, she will let him lead (or give him the feeling that he is leading), and anyway, she is used to it by now and their roles have been established. I think they will do well with each other. Gisa

Gisa said...

Simone, I understand that one does not discuss ones private life when posting comments but I think highly enough of you and all the work you always put in on this wonderful site to let slip something about my life, since you wrote about your background. I too have been in films most of my another country. I have written film scripts, which have been made into films and my late husband was a film producer (no, not in the USA), I am even on the internet, receiving a prize for a script at the Berlin Film Festival many, many, many years ago for I am probably the oldest fan writing to you. Because of my work as well as my husband's we knew many of the old Hollywood stars and were good friends, for instance, of Edward G. Robinson's and his wife's and others at that time and what I do want you to understand is that I know what the film world is all about, having been part of it for a good portion of my life and I do not feel that this is PR. The only people who would have gotten married for their careers were those, in the old days of Hollywood who needed to hide their homosexuality and this is certainly not the case here. So I for one will wish them well and what will be will be. Gisa

Simone said...

Gisa, it's not the point of me naming off names of people whom I think would be a better match for Michael because there are so many other variables that come into play. Also, who am I to list a person that Michael should marry because it would make me more agreeable to his marriage? That's silly and selfish. I just think, rather, I know that he could have done better. It appears that you like many others are offended that I question his decision, why can't we all agree to disagree and leave it at that?

I appreciate you sharing a bit more about your background, and you have my profound respects. We are clearly two very different people from different generations, and different culture. While you have taken a more prestigious artistic route into the entertainment industry, I have been more focused on the celebrity culture and writing film reviews as a novice writer by attending film festivals and paying to see movies on my own time. Our relationship to the industry is therefore quite different. You have experienced things that I have not and will not, and I have experienced things that you will not. Our information, perspectives, and insight reflect those differences. But do trust me, as I again, kindly appreciate you finding enjoyment in my work here at FF, that I know what I speak of. We're pretty much on the same page with ideologies, but still, coming from a different world view.

I'll leave it at that.

Gisa said...

Different generations yes but not different cultures as I am an American and I am most truly appreciative of your work and especially your dedication to the work. Each time finding new photos of Michael to illustrate the blog, writing something about whatever is relevant to news about him on that day or on that week, keeping your readers' interest focused on his career and his life and giving us something more interesting to read these days than the inevitable infantile tweets and machinations of our president whose only thought is about the size of the crowds. Your work is doubly appreciated under such nerve-breaking conditions. Please do go on giving us photos and insights. Gisa

Simone said...

Thank you so much Gisa! You have been one of the few regular commenters here at FF for quite a while and I always enjoy your feedback. Yes, I work hard, damn hard to keep FF up and running, pretty much 99.8% of the time by myself - while working full time and enjoy extracurricular activities in my new home of California. We live in a world were lies, 'fake news', PR, and the creation of certain perceptions run amok to control how and what we should think and believe in. I'm one of the few people who proudly say, 'Fuck that, enough'!

Especially when we have an ass clown in the White House, only there based on frauds in our election system and Russia fucking with things; I am especially sensitive to being lied to and toyed with. I work hard to try to keep things fresh, focused on Michael's career, and overall have a vibe of positivity and constant, 100% support of Michael's career as well as his personal life and welfare. I even have a current Giveway going on courtesy of Universal Pictures. They reached out to Fassinating Fassbender to conduct this in support of The Snowman. So FF is known, recognized and appreciated for what it does for Michael's fanbase. Now that I see that you are in the US, you should enter the giveaway.

I will keep our little corner of the Fassy Fandom going on for the foreseeable future because Michael's career will definitely get a bump due to his wedding. That's the way Hollywood rolls. For a gorgeous, formerly single, 40 year old actor to now be married, in Hollywood, it's always better to at least have been married and divorced, than not married at all. This is how it works, this know, this I stand strongly on.


Anonymous said...

New poster here. But I have to agree with Simone. To be completely honest I always felt like this "relationship" between Michael and Alicia was a farce. People don't realize that PR can last for years depending on the situation. They seemed so mismatched and even when they kiss it's awkward. She looks to me like a 12 year old and not a grown woman. I think this whole thing is a set up and basically it's to salvage his career and image. And for her that Oscar win didn't really help her much. So they were placed together some say by Harvey Weinstein himself. Not to mention the paps who just so happened to get info from a "source" saying where the wedding was going to be and when. And those same paps getting pics and videos from that wedding. I love Michael and have been a fan for years but even I can say that this "marriage" is just a business deal. And yes his career will take off again because of it which is what is supposed to happen. I give this marriage a year. This is Hollywood and it's sad but this is what happens sometimes. I will continue to support him but like Simome said he could do so much better.

Simone said...

@sarahlove35, thanks for your comment. I'm glad you agree with me. Yes, they seemed mismatched from the beginning, but I really enjoyed The Light Between Oceans and tolerated their arrangement for a couple years. But when they were together in public, it was painfully obvious that their relationship was PR oriented.

I give the marriage a year too. I believe they got married in Ibiza for its easy divorce option.

Anonymous said...

@Simone I didn't know about the easy divorce option in Ibiza. Yeah that seems plausible. Not many people are believing this sham. I feel like in the coming months the "honeymoon" phase will wear off and by next year we will hear how they are so busy and bla bla bla and that they don't have time for each other and then boom a split. Probably before her Tomb Raider movie comes out. She needs that movie to do well. Michael will bounce back from this.

Gisa said...

Simone, excuse me for butting in again...I only want to say that I was wrong and you are right. I saw the video of Michael, Alicia, her mother and an unknown man at the airport on their way back to England, and there wasn't one smile among them. Even if they were all tired after that all day and all night party, when one is happy a smile does break out. But it looked as if that was impossible and their hearts just weren't into acting out a picture of a newly married couple, even when they posed with an airport employee for a photo. Please do accept my apologies; it's just that it was too awful to accept. I shall not mention it again. Best wishes for a pleasant weekend.

Simone said...

Hi Gisa, I have pretty much avoided new images of Michael since my Tuesday article so that I spare myself looking at his wife. Therefore, I haven't seen said video you reference, but I believe you. It's not a matter of me being right, but I just want people, fans like you, who care about Michael like I do, to employ critical thinking and look at the bigger picture and see for yourselves. You see now, and I'm glad. You came upon this on your own, and I thank you for sharing this with me.

A genuinely happy, newly married couple, people married to such attractive people, have a glow about themselves days, weeks, months after their wedding, especially within the next 48 hours.

They'll get an annulment within 2 months, or a divorce before their 1st anniversary.

Anonymous said...

I also saw the video and the pics and agree they look like they hate each other. They look so glum and not glowing like a couple who just got married. I don't really care for the "wife" I feel like Hollywood is trying to make her happen and so far nobody seems to care. This whole thing is a mess. She looks like a 12 year old and he looks like her father. I get the feeling that Harvey Weinstein is involved with this. Seems pretty fishy how they got married right around the time of his fall from grace. My guess since she is one of Harvey's girls is that something went down and they don't won't nobody to talk about it. Michael even skipped his premiere for The Snowman. Not to mention he getting married a week before the movie opened. They will get divorced next year if they can last that long.

Gitta said...

Wie Sie sehen, schreibe ich in Deutscher Sprache, da ich Englisch nur wenig beherrsche und hoffe das es kein Problem ist. Ich lese Ihren Blog regelmäßig und sehr gerne (Google Übersetzung) und bin in Bezug auf die, wie mir scheint merkwürdige Beziehung und Heirat des Paares grundsätzlich der gleichen Meinung wie Sie. Was mich allerdings irritiert ist die Tatsache, dass seine Eltern und seine Schwester da waren. Die Iren sind ja bekanntermaßen streng katholisch und ich frage mich, ob sie, wenn es eine "Scheinehe" wäre, an dieser Scharade teilgenommen hätten. Ich denke, Michael wird aus dieser Nummer nicht mehr rauskommen und in 2-3 Monaten, pünktlich zur Förderung ihres nächsten Filmes, werden wir die Ankündigung Ihrer Schwangerschaft erhalten (das sie das wünscht, hat sie ja in einer der letzten Interviews angekündigt).
Ich hoffe, dass ich nicht recht habe und Ihre Theorie richtig ist. Liebe Grüße

Simone said...

Thank you for your comment Gitta, I am using Google Translate to share with everyone else:

As you can see, I write in German, because I speak English very little and I hope it is not a problem. I read your blog regularly and very much like (Google translation) and am in terms of how I seem strange relationship and marriage of the couple basically the same opinion as you. What irritates me, however, is the fact that his parents and his sister were there. The Irish are, as is known, strictly Catholic, and I wonder if, if it were a "bail," they would have participated in this charade. I think Michael will not get out of this number, and in 2-3 months, on time to promote her next film, we will get the announcement of her pregnancy (which she wants, she has announced in one of the last interviews).
I hope I am not right and your theory is correct. best regards

If I may add, you need to remember that Michael, his dad and his sister are German nationals and may not be current practicing Irish Catholics.

Gisa said...

I have heard from relatives in Sydney, Australia who are avid movie buffs and also read just about every crime thriller that is published, who went to see "The Snowman" and loved it!
No confusion about those 15 minutes that ought to have been filmed and weren't, no nasty remarks, enjoyed it and thought it a very good film. A friend of theirs, an international bridge champ, saw the film and is also one of those who does not miss any new film that comes out, also gave it a glowing review. I have not seen it yet, but do trust these sources and am beginning to wonder if this is some kind of conspiracy among the critics who seem more like a baying pack of hounds cornering a cat desperately clinging to a tree to save its life than reputable experts on films who are supposed to write their opinions (learned and weighty) of the latest from Hollywood.

Anonymous said...

Well seems like the "honeymoon" was very short. Alicia was seen at an airport in Miami by herself which is odd. Michael I believe maybe in Florence he was at at race yesterday. I have yet to see The Snowman but I'm not going to let the critics ruin it.

Gisa said...

Well, if you've been "living" together for over three years a honeymoon is rather silly in the first place, more of a sop for the photographers and fans than for yourselves. So now it's business as usual.
I have finally seen "The Snowman" and, for someone who has read and loved the book, it is a huge disappointment. I am not even certain that the 15 minutes which did not get filmed would have helped. The thing is a mess, sorry. I don't know what the producer was thinking of to scuttle a good project so thoroughly unless he needed a tax write off.

Gisa said...

Hello Simone and a very good Christmas to you and yours. I hope you will be able to be with family on this most meaningful of holidays and if not physically then surely in your heart.
I have not visited your site for some time and just now took a refresher trip through the weeks leading up to the big bash in Ibiza, the wedding party. And something occurred to me:
was there a real wedding or not? It was supposed to have been private, only the feasting, strolling around in beachwear, etc. was public, so how do we know there even was a wedding?
Rings are easy to procure and wear and we know that everything in the world of films is make-believe, so: a make-believe wedding is easy to arrange. Then parting is easy. As for a baby, I just read an interview with Alicia in which she claimed that her mother had told her to only have a baby when she truly would want one and not to follow in her mother's footsteps who had her when she was only 18 years old, so perhaps a baby is not on the horizon and a parting of the ways is not that far away. Perhaps only after all the Weinstein furor is over and after the Laura Croft film has been seen and judged? In the meanwhile, a very good and joyful Christmas and a new year filled with satisfaction in work and the joys of friendship. Gisa

Simone Cromer said...

Hi Gisa, and warm holiday wishes to you and yours as well.

There are varying opinions about the legitimacy of their wedding, but I'm at a point where I just don't know and I don't care either. It is curious that they got married in Ibiza of all places, and not in their respective home countries, or in Portugal where Michael currently resides. I think that says a LOT about this marriage too. I don't see them having kids together, why add an innocent child to this... arrangement?