Monday, October 30, 2017

Michael Monday #66

According to Box Office Mojo, The Snowman has so far earned around $31 million worldwide. Not so bad for a film maliciously maligned by the media which was made on a $35 million budget. On a weekly basis, American entertainment writers prefer to focus on the US box office success of a film to determine a film's worth and brand it a flop by that narrow standard; and that's unfair. In any event, I'm still hopeful that Michael can have another chance with Harry Hole because he was so great in that role. Quite a few Fassinators posting at FF@FB really like the movie, and I'm glad they do! Although I won't change my review grade for the film, I will buy the DVD when it comes out - it will complete my Snowman collection of having the book, along with my receiving the Snowman giveaway pack for hosting the giveaway. And speaking of that, the winner was announced over the weekend for the Snowman giveaway contest, and it is Sara E, a huge Fassinator that I met briefly this past summer at the Alien: Covenant premiere in Hollywood! Thanks to all for participating, I hope to be asked to present future giveaways for Michael's movies.

In reviewing Michael's IMDB profile, besides the next X-Men movie in 2018, he hasn't signed up for any other projects yet. It's my hopes that Michael is considering doing something new, something that will challenge him and go way out of his comfort zone. I hope he considers doing some theater work in London, or find a unique opportunity for a limited TV series on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. Fuck it, that's where the meaty new programming is at, and a lot of very well known, and popular film stars are going to TV for diversity in their craft as actors/actresses. And like I said before, being on TV or a streaming service will expose Michael to a broader audience that does not like going to the theater anymore to watch movies. This audience will wait for a film to stream, and it's a more economical option for them too.

And finally, congrats to Michael on successfully and safely completing his latest race car adventure in Italy these past few days. He was there with his parents supporting him as he continues on the Ferrari tour. This is a serious personal hobby for Michael and I hope he never gets hurt in his crashes, and just enjoys the fun of this adventure on his down time.


Gisa said...

Well, there is good news which is bad news at the same time. Michael is going to star in a film, with (get this!) David Hasselhof (that great thespian from Baywatch) where they will both be joined by Kong for another "thrilling" chapter of the ape on his island. My, what fine acting this will call for (on Kong's part no doubt) and what a challenge for an actor of Michael's stature as he exchanges grunt for grunt. Unfortunately I have lost all respect for an actor of exceptional talent and intelligence and will now say, (and I have to quote Douglas Adams for this one) "Goodbye and thanks for all the fish."

Simone said...

Gisa, I don't know why you posted this comment in such an old post, but, I understand your being upset.

visit the Facebook page as more updates are added there. Let's just say you're not the only one who thinks the same way.