Saturday, October 21, 2017

Post Wedding Poll (Update)

POLL CLOSED - Results analysis

Feelings are all over the place about Michael Fassbender getting married from being elated, to 'being done with him'. Ouch!  Here's the chance for you to select how you feel in this poll!

Thanks to everyone for participating in this poll! It was created to capture a snapshot of select fans in the Michael Fassbender fandom of how they felt about the news about his marriage. As expected, a majority of fans are happy, but a noticeable amount are disappointed in the news.

Here's the breakdown:

  •  41.1% of fans voted that they are "Deliriously Happy For Them". This is not surprising as they have wanted this for quite a while, and I reckon they are more ecstatic over the nuptials than the actual groom is. And that's saying a lot. 
  •  24.2% of fans voted that they "Don't care". Some fans can easily claim that they don't care, and of all the categories, this is the one I find curious because to not care about such a huge life change in Michael's life (the personal life of one of their favorite actors), which is related to his career, is a bit odd. I guess fans who voted in the other categories just have more of an emotional connection to Michael Fassbender: the beautiful man, the actor, the fellow human being. 
  •  21.46% of fans voted that they are "Disappointed". I voted in this category and I have no shame in admitting it. Fans who voted this have an emotional investment in Michael because he's more than just a guy who we go see his movies. I think people who voted here have admired him for a very long time, and have a different sense of who he is, have valid questions about the decision he made, and think he should have pursued other options (break up, a very long engagement, find someone else, etc.). While we're disappointed, I hope all of us stay the course and continue to support him and remain dedicated fans to Michael. We have high expectations of him because he has portrayed himself as an intelligent, hard working, and compassionate man. We wish him well, but, hope for a resolution in this situation sooner, rather than later. Something just ain't right about this. 
  •  13.24% of fans voted that they are "Outta here". These fans are livid, they are pissed, feel betrayed, they have harbored resentment towards him for several years since his dating preference has changed, rather dramatically according to them (i.e. a more Hollywood approved spousal material), and they cannot stand his spouse. Some have used extremely harsh language about him leading up to and after the wedding, and they ran out of fucks to give about Michael Fassbender. These fans are done with him. And this is terribly sad to see. I hope they see the errors in the way they think about him, and stop judging him so harshly, and perhaps ease up on the gas regarding his personal life and just enjoy his films.


Laurie Ford Wilson said...

I feel the marriage is like an old fashioned "arranged by the family to retain regal standing" situation. M is now in mainstream movies so needs to keep up the Hollywood hype!

Webigail said...

Let's all take a step back and breathe deeply. I am one who voted "happy for them". I don't believe fans should become too invested in actors' personal lives. It's really none of our business. I, for one, would be happy to concentrate on his work. Frankly, I am worried more about the reviews of the Snowman than I am about "reviews" of the Marriage.