Friday, October 27, 2017

TGIF 10.27.17

I had to go back into 2013 to find a picture of Michael Fassbender (BBS*) to clear my head of all the WTFs and eye rolling this week and recovering from the twilight zone weirdness of the previous week. My eyes have been red and it's not from crying, and it's not from my allergies; it's from all the eye rolling from two things this week. The first is the overwrought click bait articles and faux outrage from movie critics killing Michael's The Snowman, and lamenting about the fate of his career. It's ok if they don't like the Snowman, but jeez, to go on and on and on about the exaggerated awfulness of it was just too much. Each week there are several "flops" that the entertainment websites fall over each other to write and speculate about which actor/actress can no longer be considered A list, or be the lead of future films. Last week was Fassy's turn to have his life and career be analyzed under a microscope. This will just be interesting fodder for his autobiography one day. He'll look back at 2017, and shrug his shoulders, and then talk about the interesting year when he finally got his Oscar. And he will get it one day. Actors who look as good as Michael and have the amount of talent that he does, do not just fade away after a short string of films that weren't Oscar bait or broke records at the box office.  So people need to chill out and give him some space. He'll sign up for some cool projects in due time.

The second thing that was eye ball rolling worthy was when I received an email from a reader asking me my thoughts on another set of blind items that were much less favorable about Michael. The reader figured that since I believe in the BI that I wrote about last week, they wanted to see what I thought of the other ones written afterwards. Well, the source of the BI is from a website I haven't visited in years. In fact, I stopped reading it because they made up most of the BIs, and unlike the website, this other website dabbles in fan theories and that's a big no no. And another fact, about five years ago, called out that other website as liars and unprofessional frauds and they refused to do any business with them ever again. So when a website writes about what a party boy creep, womanizing, doesn't get along with co-workers, drug addict that the foreign born full frontal actor is... don't believe any of that shit! If you do believe it, you already don't like him and are just feeding your own hateful fantasies about Michael Fassbender.

Michael is no perfect angel, who is, that's boring? What he is, is a healthy, normal grown adult man doing what most healthy normal adults do in their lives. He's a good guy that has been consistently praised as being professional on the set of his films, and in his interactions with his co-stars. To think otherwise, you're just looking for stuff to dislike about Michael Fassbender. And although I'm perplexed about his recent decision, I still adore the man and can't wait to hear about the next film he signed on for.

* you know like how BC and AD are used in historical context to mark the years in ancient times? Well, you can figure out what BBS means on your own. I'll use it until I don't need to anymore.

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