Friday, October 20, 2017

The Snowman Opens Today in US!

I have just about 100 pages left of reading Jo Nesbo's The Snowman, and I will finish it this evening so that I can go see the movie on either Saturday or Sunday. One can't help but read the headlines of the reviews to know that it is not being received well, which has nothing to do with Michael Fassbender's ability of doing his job in bringing detective Harry Hole onto the big screen. According Yahoo News! Director Tomas Alfredson (a main lure to watch this film besides Fassbender), there were major production issues which mindbogglingly left 10-15% of valuable filming not included in the movie. In this day and age, how in the heck can something like that happen is beyond me. It appears that the exclusion of this material has seriously affected the flow of the film and leaving noticeable plot holes, and an overall feeling of the film being disconnected. This is not cool, but, I still want to see the movie to continue my usual stance in supporting Michael's films at the box office. If the movie is really bad, it's a sad waste of great talent. I'll post a review of the film on Monday.

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