Friday, November 3, 2017

TGIF 11.3.17

The Guardian - Jan 6, 2012

I'm changing things up a bit in how I create TGIFassy! blog updates. I want to focus more on the man that Michael Fassbender (BBS) is by overlaying quotes on various pictures of Michael from interviews over the years that I find interesting and relevant to current times. With recent events in Michael's life, and until his next film role is announced, I think that we may not see that much of Michael in ways that we are accustomed to. So with that, I just want to help people remember Michael with words he has said to help them recall fondly why they became enamored with the man in the first place.

Help me out a bit. If you have a favorite quote from Michael that you would like to submit for TGIF, please email me the source/link of the quote, and I will also credit you for the quote contribution. Moving forward, I welcome you all to help me make Fassinating Fassbender a group effort. In the past few weeks, FF@FB received nearly 40 additional Likes, and the blog itself has received its highest views this year. So people are interested in the way FF covers current events regarding Michael Fassbender. Let's keep things intriguing and fresh together!

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