Sunday, December 31, 2017

End of Year 2017

Michael's best look of 2017! SXSW premiere of Song to Song.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Unlike past years here at Fassinating Fassbender, I'm not going to do a monthly highlight of Michael Fassbender news that occurred this year, however, I do want to take a moment to make note of a few key events this year to recognize and celebrate Michael Fassbender. As 2016 came to a close, 2017 looked primed to really put Michael on the map of name recognition and sealing his brand with four film projects set to be released: Trespass Against Us, Song to Song, Alien Covenant, and The Snowman (click on links to read each FF review). One would be hard pressed to name another actor/actress who had four films out in 2017.  Unfortunately, these projects misfired and received poor critical reviews (some exasperatingly harsh) and lack luster audience reception.  If this is frustrating to us fans, imagine how this frustrates Michael.

I had the pleasure to meet him once again, very briefly at the Hollywood Alien Covenant premiere in May, where I was able to shake his hand and tell him how much I enjoyed his David character. He was so happy and friendly and I'm so lucky to have been there at the premiere. As much as I enjoyed Covenant, it looks like the poor performance of that film has pretty much derailed the continuation of Ridley Scott's story timeline of connecting these prequels to the original Alien film with the artificial intelligence plot in designing all the horrors that are to come from the xenomorphs. According to MovieWeb, with Disney buying Fox, they have different plans for the Alien franchise, IF, they continue on with it. I hate that Disney owns a lot of shit in Hollywood now, and this will sanitize the hell out of a lot of established franchises and new projects. Disney is family friendly and they want family friendly films. Anything that falls outside of this neat box will be significantly altered. Can you imagine a PG-13 rated continuation of the Alien franchise one day? Nope, me either.

So with the poor showing of Michael's films this year, an article posted at FlickeringMyth is a positive but frank assessment of the state of Michael's career, and they offer sound advice for him to navigate his career in the future. And lastly, the elephant in the room is the shock wedding in October of Michael and Alicia Vikander. I've already shared my well thought out opinion, and it still stands.You can still love someone, but feel very disheartened by their personal choices. Oh well.

Like I've mentioned before, FF will remain active but kind of in a hibernation mode until there are worthwhile updates to report related to Michael's acting career. He's far too talented to throw in the towel in acting and instead focus on racing cars. Here's to seeing a resurgence of Michael Fassbender in 2018... or 2019, in taking on new film/TV/stage projects that will offer him new opportunities to further explore his hidden talents and show new audiences what they have been missing in the past ten years!

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