Thursday, December 7, 2017

New Priorities

Hi all, it's been a full month since I last updated FF and I have a lot to share with you. Firstly, the break away from the fandom has been very good for me as I focused on some very important and personal/professional priorities. The entire fandom needed a break and a breather from recent events and I hope you are feeling as good as I am too. Like many of you, I think we needed time to focus on other things and reassess our interests. For me, as a fan of cinema and a supporter of some of my favorite entertainers, I used the past month to watch some incredible films, and participate in Q&As with celebrities supporting their new films. THIS is the reason why I moved to Los Angeles, and as we enter awards season, the timing is perfect to fill in the void of not being as active in the fandom, and this time has allowed me to develop an appreciation for talent that I might have overlooked had I been as concentrated on Michael Fassbender as I was in the past. But more on that later.

The latest Michael Fassbender article was released this week, but it was not from an entertainment magazine, it was from Automobile Mag where Michael discussed his new car racing career hobby. The highlight of the article had a comment from Michael where he is giving the impression that his life as an actor may be taking a backseat in his Ferrari as he considers focusing on race car driving. Michael says, "Honestly, if I had a choice I'd choose race driving over acting." Well Michael, you do have a choice, we all have a choice, and you have put acting on hold to pursue a hobby that makes you happy. So that leaves many of his fans waiting around for the announcement of his next film, because the reality of the situation is that we came to know and like him from his work as an actor. Although I have shared articles and pictures of Michael's racing previously, I did it out of an obligation to keep the blog and FF@FB active with Fassbender related information. But it has never been my intention to shift the blog to support Michael in his race car driving activities. Honestly, the hobby does not interest me in the least, but it is something that brings joy to Michael, and I support that. However, FF will not cover his hobby because it is not about his role as an actor.

So that brings me to ponder the question of how much longer will Michael be off the Hollywood grid and when will his next role be announced. Michael is incredibly talented and he has so much to offer in future roles that challenge him, be it an Indie, or a blockbuster film. It's my hopes that whatever Michael is going through, he deals with it, be happy, and go back to making the kind of films he wants. And this brings me to the blog situation. For as long as Michael is not acting, or participating in the world of movie making where I can write an update here on him, there will be few updates here at Fassinating Fassbender. Instead, I will focus more of my time at my other blog, Theatre of Zen, where I will continue to write film reviews. As a matter of fact, I have recently joined Film Independent at the Film Lover level which allows me to be able to vote in the upcoming Spirit Awards. I will get DVD screeners of films nominated for the Spirit awards, and receive invites to private screenings, etc. And also, I will be attending the Palm Springs Film Festival Gala on January 2. As you may remember, I went to this gala in 2016 when Michael received the International Star - Male award. I will drive back to Palm Springs the following weekend to watch a few films and hang out with my TIFF Canadian snowbird friends.

Also this week, for the first time since May 2009, I changed my twitter account from @FassFass to @TheatreofZen, and I added my photo. Again, this is a change I have been thinking about for a few months as we head into the awards season, and I want to put more attention on the Zen blog in support of my increased focus on covering film and the entertainment industry beyond the scope of Michael Fassbender. And as timing would have it with Michael being more interested in driving race cars, it's a natural progression for me to focus on things that bring me great joy as well.

You're probably thinking, well Simone, what does this all mean, are you giving up on Michael Fassbender? No, I'm not closing down the blog or FF@FB. But until Michael's interests shifts back into making films, there will be less for me to write about his acting career. The biggest change will be my discontinuing the TGIFassy! and Michael Monday series. I see no point in searching for images to post on these two days and strain to write something fun and informative when the well is completely dry. It's a disservice to my readers, and it'll be a burden on me.

It is amazing how optimistic this year started off with me coming off a very fun and productive 2016 in covering public events for Michael, and up through this spring when I shook his hand at the Alien: Covenant premiere in Hollywood. Now, he's not actively working as an actor, and I have no interest in covering his car driving hobby. I will keep tabs on him of course, but I reckon for the next six months or so, it's going to be pretty slow news on Michael Fassbender. I do wish him the best and I certainly look forward to resuming full coverage of his acting career when he has an interest to do so.

Keep your eyes at FF@FB where it will be easier to post quick updates and links to articles about Michael's future roles.



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Gisa said...

So now one of the finest actors to come along in many years is going to do a Kung Fury film with David Hasselhoff? Oh how the mighty have fallen and what won't an actor do for money.
I am writing this as a very disappointed ex fan.