Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Update on FF Birthday Fundraiser

Hi guys, I hope all is well. Wow, looks like this is my first FF update of 2018! I have been keeping tabs on Michael Fassbender almost daily to see if there will be any news about upcoming filming projects, but there’s nothing on the horizon and he appears to still be enjoying his new hobby/career as a Ferrari race car driver. As many of you may recall, the month of February has been a warm-up kick off time to prepare everyone for the month long birthday fundraiser in March, in honor of Michael’s birthday on April 2nd

The fundraiser in support of the British charity, The Bike Experience, has been the recipient of over £5,000 in the past five years of the FF birthday fundraiser. As a fundraiser, it was always a challenging but inspiring endeavor and the worthy charity has greatly benefited from the generosity of FF fans and supporters. But that support has always hedged on an interest in actor Michael Fassbender. One of the reasons why I have been closely monitoring the fandom on the sidelines is to see if the fandom is still as enthusiastic and supportive of Michael Fassbender and his career at this moment in time. Sadly, it appears that the fandom has suffered a bit in the past 5 months and its changing level of support for Michael has changed the dynamics and energy of that fandom. It’s always been hard managing the birthday fundraiser even at the peak of Michael’s popularity and busy acting career, along with him being featured on entertainment websites and articles. So with this acknowledgement, I regret to inform you that FF will cease the birthday fundraiser because I do not believe I would be able to raise anywhere near the goal amount of funds this year as I have in the past. The support is not there.

However, if you’re like me and truly believe in the good things that The Bike Experience does for the people who rely on their services, then by all means, please continue to help them by going to their Just Giving  donation page to make a donation. Their new season starts in April, so monies they receive from this day forward through the end of March helps them prepare for another successful season of helping disabled persons experience the thrill of riding a modified motorcycle. I plan to make my donation in March and I encourage you to do the same, especially if you have given in the past.

I know this news may come as a disappointment to some of the regular supporters of the annual Michael Fassbender FF birthday fundraiser, but I feel that the tide has turned to a level that any fundraiser hosted by FF at this time in his honor, would not generate the funding support to make a notable impression in Michael’s honor. I know TBE would be appreciative of anything because they need whatever amount that donors can spare. So this is why I strongly encourage you to still give to them whatever you can, whenever. But due to the mood of the fandom at the present, FF will cease the birthday fundraiser, and be proud of the good will we have created in his honor since 2013.

As I stated previously, the jury is still out on what to make of the direction of Michael’s career. In recent interviews with race car magazines, he placed emphasis on his interest to focus on racing. And when he visited Los Angeles a couple weeks ago, pictures of him going out to dinner were not flattering and just added more fuel to the flames of my suspicions about the state of his personal life.  I still wish him well and think about him regularly, but I’m preparing for a worst case scenario in the event he decides to take off a lot more time from acting. I don't think he'll retire from acting, but he may add on another year or two before he finds the interest to resume acting. The longer he's away from making movies, it's his fans that lose out.


Gisa said...

Hi there, good to know you are well. As for Michael, I have a feeling we shall all have to come to the conclusion that a series of unfortunate circumstances have eliminated probably the finest actor to come along in a very long time, from our movie screens. It is no longer up to Michael to decide if to continue acting or not, I believe screen offers have dried up after these last three disastrous years. He's still OK with the X-Men crowd but perhaps even here there is already a script in the works that will kill Magneto off in some horrible (or perhaps heroic) fashion. It's inconceivable to me how an actor who seemed to have it all could, within a period of three years, slip down so low and so far. And Alicia is doing just as badly. Her last film for Harvey ("In the Time of Tulips") was a flop, the film she thought herself competent (at the age of 28-9!) to direct was a flop and from what I have been reading about fans of "Lara Croft" who are NOT willing to accept her as a replacement for Jolie, this new metamorphosis of a seemingly much beloved icon will also flop. Weinstein is no longer around to offer choice roles and smooth the path and the future does not look good. I doubt she envisaged herself married to a racing car driver while she did the housework and changed diapers. If it weren't so shocking because it is happening to someone we admire and respect, it could be the making of a Greek tragedy.

Simone Cromer said...

Gisa, I don't know if Michael is completely down and out of the business. He still has the talent and the leading man looks to be approached with the right scripts and interesting project. I think that if he were to just focus on interesting projects, and not Oscar bait stuff, he can still be a great working actor putting out great stuff, and if the awards come his way, great. But as we see, it eats away at one's soul if they desire the Oscar too much.

Gabriel said...

Although I am sad that the fundraiser won't happen this year I am very thankful for the work you've put in these past years. I would still very much like to donate as any help is good help. I am a Fassy fan through and through and even if he stops acting and takes up underwater basket weaving as a career I would still be amazed with the person he is. That being said, I will always be a follower of FF and again am thankful for your dedication Simone. Cheers!

Simone said...

Hi Gabriel, you are an excellent true fan! The fundraising for The Bike Experience is year round, so you can make a donation at any time, but for consistency, donating now would be great.

Thanks again for your support ALL FIVE years of the FF birthday fundraiser, and thank you for supporting me here at FF. xoxo